Vroom! Vroom!

First of all, I want to update you on yesterday's post.  I saw my doc yesterday morning and he concluded I'm sick.  (Thanks doc!)  I think the rattling in my chest, when I attempt to breathe, gave me away.  He has me on TWO antibiotics.  I've never been prescribed two antibiotics simultaneously before.  Ever.  He said my lungs are so infected, he didn't think any "one" antibiotic could cover the "full spectrum" I need.   

Whatever that means.

When I was waiting to see the doc I sent out this tweet:

Sitting in the docs waiting room w a bunch of sick people. Hope I don't catch anything. Oh, wait …

In any case, hopefully I'll be rebounding quickly now that my body is getting flooded with germ killing antibodies.

Let's hope.

(Nike's currently on her THIRD attempt at antibiotics in an attempt to recover from The.Sickness.From.Hell.  She and I?  We're quite the pair right now!)

Now, on to today's topic …



Yes, cars!

And don't worry – I (hopefully) won't bore you – I'm somewhat inappropriate even when the topic is cars.  I can't seem to help myself.

People in Southern California are obsessed with their cars.  Some people argue it's because the traffic is so bad here, we practically live in our cars – making them more important to us.  People eat, sleep, have sex, do their make-up, read, shave, text, talk on the phone, parent, argue and do everything else imaginable while "driving" here.  We take the term "distracted driver" to a whole new level.

Sadly, in Orange County (particularly South Orange County) I think the biggest reason cars are so important is the Status Factor.  Luxury cars, preferrably with personalized license plates, are the rule rather than the exception here. 

Mercedes, BMWs, Land Rovers, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Jaguars, Audis, Porsches, etc., are a dime a dozen.  They're all so common, I don't even really see them anymore.  (The exception being when I see teens driving them.  That still makes me want to vomit profusely.  What is wrong with OC parents?  Why do they think they need to gift their 16 year old with an $80,000 car?)

However, I do notice all the luxury cars when I've been away from the OC and then return.

"Oh look," I think.  "The Land of Luxury Vehicles again."

All the expensive cars become pretty boring, actually.  The excitement comes when you see an old beat up clunker.  Now THAT'S unusual here!

The other day I was on the freeway when this 1960 Corvette passed me:

That's the other thing about this area.

The really rich?

Well, for them a luxury car, or two, or ten, is not enough.  A lot of people around here collect classic cars. 

Sure, this being Southern California, some classic cars look like this:

They compete with other cars like this:

I want you to know, all of these car photos were taken in less than a millisecond.  I'd see a car passing by and "click" with no time to make camera adjustments.  (In my mind, that's the difference between a snapshot and a photograph.)

There are also way too many of the I-Have-A-Small-Dick-And-Need-To-Compensate-For-It cars.

Now, I want to apologize upfront to any of you out there who drive a Lamborghini and have a big dick.  Or for that matter, even an average sized dick.  Clearly, I'm not referring to you with my generalization.

I took all of these car photos in one afternoon when I went out shooting for two hours.  (As in shooting photos, not shooting guns.)  If I'd actually been concentrating on cars as photo objects, I probably would have come back with many more examples to share with you.

Still, considering the car photos were a mere afterthought, I came away with at least one shot I was really proud of. 


Even I, a non-car person, thought this one was a beauty.

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13 Responses to “Vroom! Vroom!”

  1. unmitigated me

    I work for The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. I’ve seen more vintage cars than you can shake a stick at. But that ’60 ‘Vette? Was freaking HOT.

  2. Jan

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think the Lamborghini looks like a sore throat lozenge?

  3. WebSavvyMom

    –>Sometimes I can’t help but think that people have too much money and not enough charities on their tax returns.
    My favorite was the last one too but I’d love to drive that ’60 Corvette.

  4. Judi

    @unmitigated me My sister used to work at the Hyatt Dearborn and we went to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village when I visited her. This was back in the 70s but I remember it being really cool.
    Too bad you didn’t get any pictures of woodies – they seem right up your alley. 😉

  5. Di

    In our world cars are simply a means of transportation… a way of getting from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time with a reasonable amount of comfort.
    Love the blue corvette… he probably has a small weenie too.

  6. Anne Gibert

    Having just driven across the country and up the west coast with my son who is a car nut, I really relate to this post. I was constantly being commanded to look at some car or other. What I like about these pictures of yours is the wonderful colors and shapes. All the cars my son wanted me to look at were sort of similar, and he didn’t care at all about the color. I would just zone out while he went on about power, handling and engineering.

  7. Tami

    Love the 60 vette and the red car. Beautiful photography. Your “snapshots” are far better than any photo i’ve ever taken.

  8. sandi

    The personalized license plate thing is so true. I never noticed them before until Bronson pointed them out to me. Every other car here in SO CAL says something. It makes sitting in traffic more fun when you have a puzzle in front of you to figure out.

  9. Jaguar San Francisco

    I live in So Cal too and luxury cars are the norm, cars like Bmw-3 series or C-class Benz imho are not true luxury cars. SL or 7-series are true luxury cars. It’s mainly due to status I think. So Cal people love to show off. I don’t like vanity plates though; I find them ugly. Plus it’s not a smart idea in case you have a stalker; it draws too much attention.


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