It's difficult to comprehend everything that has happened, and is happening, in Japan.  I've been in several large earthquakes, but I can't even imagine experiencing a quake with an 8.9 magnitude.  

Years ago, I was driving near the epicenter of a big earthquake and my car was picked up and moved to a different lane.  Buildings crumbled, bridges fell … and yet that earthquake didn't begin to compare to what Japan has just experienced.


I can't get over the videos of the tsunami.  I think the photos will be etched in my brain forever.  I know the ocean.  I love the ocean.  I'm in awe of the power of the ocean.

But the tsunami footage?

It's beyond incredible.

Several of you emailed me worried about the tsunami effects here.  We were fine.  Beaches were closed as a precautionary measure.  (Mainly to prevent looky-loos who have no understanding/respect for the ocean from being stupid and getting hurt.)

Nuclear meltdown(s).

It's even harder to wrap my brain around that one.

My heart aches for everyone affected by these tragedies.

Those poor people.

My heart hurts.

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7 Responses to “Japan”

  1. karen

    It’s awful, isn’t it?
    I read that someone in California lost his life because he was standing out on a sandbar hoping to catch photos of tsunami aftershock waves… Well he caught one!

  2. Di

    I’ve kept the television off and viewed very little footage online. I remember how glued I was to the TV on 9/11 and I just don’t want to feel those feelings again. I look at the CNN headlines and then go back to my blogging….. I feel badly for them but simply don’t like to immerse myself in sadness.

  3. Judi

    I’m right there with you in my feelings of awe at the power of nature, shock at the level of devastation, and prayers for the people of Japan.

  4. Anne Gibert

    Jerry found on line a before and after photo from the air of the same densely populated place. The after shot was truly heart breaking.

  5. vodkamom

    I am praying for ALL involved. And hoping that my darling girl and her family are okay. (They left last week – a student of mine.) pray.


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