Knock, Knock??

Are you still there?

Thank you for your patience while I'm completely out of my mind this week busy for a few days.

Today is PR's 16th birthday!

He's the little one on the right.


He's not little anymore.  In fact, he's bigger than me.  (*sob*) 

My house guests leave Friday afternoon.

By Monday, I will (hopefully) be back to my normal routine.

Yesterday, I took my guests out to lunch in Laguna.

We had beautiful, perfect visiting-from-the-east-coast (never-been-to-California-before) weather!

The above shot was of my car thermometer as I was driving around Laguna.  My guests were in heaven!  (It was in the low 30's back at their home.) 

Here are a few shots from my afternoon.

My car GPS:

I've lived in California my whole life and I STILL think it's awesome to see all the blue showing up on my GPS indicating OCEAN!

Remember the flooding I wrote about back in December?

It washed out a portion of the boardwalk at Laguna Main.  They're rebuilding the damaged section now.  Do you think it's marked clearly enough?  Maybe they need a few more caution signs?  How much do you want to bet someone will still manage to fall off the boardwalk?

I'm in love, love, love, with the above photo.  (I'm crazy about the lens flare.)

Yes, I AM a photo geek – why do you ask?

Here's what my arm looked like yesterday:


Those are Lidoderm pain patches wallpapering my body.  Pretty?

I think it's safe to say, I shouldn't be photographing baseball games.  The lens I need to use is big and heavy.  The games can easily last three hours.  My pain level is currently off the charts after taking, (very poor), photos of just one game.  

I have another game to shoot this afternoon.

What the hell was I thinking with this official team photographer stuff?  Maybe the monopod I ordered will save me.  It should arrive for next week's games.

Will I ever accept just because I want to use my arm, doesn't mean I'm able to use it?

Denial is really an art form, isn't it?  

I seem to have perfected it.

One last Laguna Beach photo, via my phone ……

Ahhh … it was such a beautiful day yesterday!

* Yes, this post was written under the influence of pain meds.  Did I make sense?

© Twenty Four At Heart 

10 Responses to “Knock, Knock??”

  1. karen

    I’m thinking the pod will help you get through those three hour game photo shoots. I just LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!! What surprises me is how GREEN everything looks, besides the sand and waves and blue sky. The only parts of California I’ve seen were kind of dry and brown and scruffy looking – besides SanFran, which I LOVED. Obviously I haven’t seen the best of it. Your area is beautiful.

  2. Di

    Start smoking pot… maybe that would help a bit with the pain? , but then you may find yourself falling off the boardwalk.
    An Old Hippie.

  3. WebSavvyMom

    –>I love these kind of posts. Your boys were adorable then and I’m sure even cuter now. It makes me nostalgic already and my little boy is only four. We’re living day-to-day and before I know it, he’ll be off to college. **Sigh**
    Happy birthday to PR. He just missed the best birthday of the year by one day. ha!

  4. Stephen

    As I’ve told you, I love, love, love that first pic. It triggers so many memories of my “boating family.” I hope the monopod works well. 🙂

  5. Pam

    Great pictures! I’m glad your guests are getting the perfect So Cal experience! Happy Birthday to your son! It’s mine today too. I hope your arm starts feeling better.

  6. Jan

    I was going to ask you if you had a monopod – I’m glad you ordered one.
    And happy birthday to PR! Don’t they grow up so fast??

  7. sandi

    The little boys melt my heart. They grow up so fast! Does it blow your mind that 16 years ago you were just meeting him for the first time? If you are anything like me, it seems like yesterday.

  8. unmitigated me

    I am a big fan of the lens flare. I got a great shot of the last snowfall on a very sunny day. Gorgeous lens flare!


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