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I hope today's post about the Kelby seminar last Wednesday doesn't make you snooze through your morning coffee!

I arrived a few minutes early in my attempt to avoid the worst of L.A. morning rush hour.  The morning light was fabulous, and I wished I had more time to take photos.

Sunrise in Los Angeles, taken from inside the convention center:


I was awed by the architecture of green glass and white steel in the huge lobby.

The above photo was taken from inside the lobby looking out, but it doesn't look much different from the outside looking in. 

This next photo was taken with me on my back, laying down in the middle of the lobby floor shooting the ceiling.  (Sorry it isn't centered better, but I had to take whatever spot I could get on the floor.)  People were talking to me and laughing as I took this photo.  

"You must be here for the photography convention, right?"


Can you see the windows at the very tip top?  (With the blue sky and clouds showing through?)  Well, later in the day, a storm rolled in and I took a close up shot of those same windows.  I wanted to emphasize the storminess of the late afternoon so I converted the photo to black and white.  

Pretty cool, huh?

The seminar was divided into five classes, with very short breaks between each one.  There were hundreds of people in attendance.  Here's a, not-so-great, snapshot taken during the meeting with my iPhone.  (The room was dark so we could see the projectors in the front of the room.)


For some reason there were mainly men at the seminar.  I was surprised.  Why aren't there more female photographers?

Also?  If you're a heterosexual woman (or gay man) looking to meet men … start hanging out at photography workshops.

Personally, I could have spent all day just meeting the attendees.  Everyone I met had such fascinating stories.  I could have spent hours asking people what type of photography they do, how they got into it in the first place, etc.  It was fun to share photos too, and I was so impressed with the talented people I met.

Most of the time I was busy listening to the presentation(s) and occasionally jotting down a few notes.  The classes covered composition, shooting suggestions, photo formulas, fixing "problems" in Photoshop, and adding finishing touches in Photoshop.  

I made special notes throughout the day about any types of equipment, etc. which might make photography easier for me with my bum arm.

I was surprised to discover I already knew all the shooting/photography information covered in the morning sessions.  I did pick up helpful Photoshop techniques in the afternoon though.  

I really hate over-processed photos, and sometimes my photos don't look "real" even though if I haven't messed with the color (saturation or hue) in Photoshop.  In one session, they mentioned some of the flaws built into digital photography and how to correct them in Photoshop.  Those tips alone were worth the price of the entire seminar.

When the meetings ended, it was pouring outside.  Hence, I didn't take any photos of L.A. Live at night.  I'd love to return some other night though.  The neon lights, etc. would make for awesome night photography.

Next week I'll share with you the iPhone photos I took of the movie that was being filmed in the convention center at the end of the day.  Maybe with your help, we'll be able to figure out exactly what type of movie it was!  (I was hiding amongst the "extras" to take the photos I got!)

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3 Responses to “L.A. Tidbits”

  1. Di

    I just joined a photography group here in Roanoke and although I haven’t attended a get-together yet, I did notice that most of the group members shown on the website are men. Can’t wait to meet some of the folks from the group and learn a few photography tips.
    I just love that building you were in!

  2. Jan

    I wish that sort of thing were more accessible here in Podunk – nary a photography class or seminar to be found. 🙁

  3. Amy_in_Stl

    I’ve dated two photographers and although I thought I was a patient person; you can only stand in one spot for so long waiting for them to take the perfect shot. My advice: Only date a photographer if they agree not to take their camera(s) on a date or bring a book. Granted, both of them took truly stunning photos, one was into digital photography one refused to make the switch; but I never got to see much of anything when we went places because we spent so much time seeing so little.


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