Learning Curve

My new lens arrived yesterday morning.  I strapped it to my monopod and shot a couple quick practice shots in our backyard.  A few hours later I was off to shoot another high school baseball game.

When I got home at the end of the day, the sun was setting.  I raised the lens with a very weary, painful, arm and took one more photo.  It ended up being my favorite of the day.


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Isn't that just beautiful?  

It goes to show, the unplanned photos are often the best.  I think I'm going to like the new lens.

This is what I learned yesterday:

•  There's a learning curve with a monopod.  I might have bopped myself in the face with it a few times.

•  There's a learning curve with a 100-400mm lens.  (Let's just leave it at that!)

•  I'm getting the hang of this sports photography thing and my photos are already vastly improved from a week ago.  Yay me!

•  Photographing a 2-3 hour high school baseball game is very physical and not just for my bum arm.  I felt like I had actually played the game by the time I was done.  Maybe I can call it exercise????

•  Someone is always going to be angry they have to pay to purchase photos.  Do they really think I should spend hours photographing, editing, uploading AND developing photos for free?  Do they not realize it costs money to do that?

•  Uploading and editing hundreds of photos is a pain in the ass, but taking them is a joy.

•  Brick dust and sweat aren't attractive on me.

•  A pain pill on an empty stomach is always a bad idea no matter what.

•  Hummingbirds are so much prettier than high school boys.

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12 Responses to “Learning Curve”

  1. Jan

    That is simply gorgeous! And yes, it counts as exercise.
    And you’d look good in a potato sack.

  2. WebSavvyMom

    –>It could be worse, your skirt could have blow up over your head at the game.
    Great picture at the end.
    (I just switched from my blackberry to an iPhone on Friday. Today’s post is just pictures I took with hipstamatic.)

  3. Di

    So, someone wants the photos for free? Um, don’t they know that it takes money to pay for the equipment you use? Sheesh. Tell them to bring their own point and shoot pocket camera next time… LOL

  4. Pam

    Beautiful picture! There will always be people who think they should get things for free. They are possibly the ones who are having a great time visiting with the other parents at the game while you’re working your ass off taking pictures…
    Good luck with your new lenses!

  5. Julie

    Excellent photo.
    Can you buy me some new lenses?
    And no, photos are not free. It takes me a minimum of 10 minutes to edit each photo…

  6. Jane

    I just ordered the hummingbird picture! I can’t wait to get it and have it framed! Never give your photos away for free. They’re worth every penny.

  7. Joanne

    I think a gallery of parental outburst photos would be veeeeery amusing! would probably get you in hot water though, huh?

  8. deminimis

    I’ve been becoming quite familiar with people getting angry over paying for photos and services lately. I’m starting a studio and while I only have a few weddings under my belt and some senior sessions, I keep running into people (friends and family mostly) who think they are doing me a favor by asking to photograph their wedding. Three in the last month actually, all of who know that I do charge and ask me for prices, then ask for a discount, then more of a discount…
    I think I am almost to the point of a no friends and family policy.


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