Money Town Photo

I was in Money Town yesterday, visiting a friend.

As most of you probably know, real estate in South Orange County is outrageously expensive.  I tell you that only so you realize a large home here costs a zillion times more than a large home in most places elsewhere.

The only camera I had with me was my phone.

I don't have a perfect photo to share with you, but I did take this:


Welcome to Money Town!

For millions, upon millions, upon millions, of dollars – you, too, can have a home like this.

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4 Responses to “Money Town Photo”

  1. karen

    OMG, it is gorgeous – so much detail. In our nearby shoreline town of Madison, that house would go for about 8 million on the water. I bet it’s a 25M home in your area. More?..omg.

  2. Erica

    That’s really pretty. They didn’t skimp on the windows so it’s probably very light inside too. Cool.

  3. catizhere

    That’s ONE house??! So how many people live there?? It’s beautiful!


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