My Brain – Unexplained

•  Oh, look!  Pretty flowers at Trader Joe's for only $5.00.  They'll cheer me up which will surely make the pain better.  I just know it!  I'll take them home.

•  Why is it when you email the parents of the high school team with the password to the team photo gallery, at least one person will email you saying the site is broken when, in fact, they've just misspelled the password?  Why wouldn't they check their spelling prior to emailing you about the "crisis?"

•  I love daylight savings time.  I wish we could keep it all year.  I hate the first week, though.  I also hate when I have to wake up in the dark.  The sunrise provided some consolation yesterday:


•  I baked bacon over the weekend instead of cooking it in a frying pan.  It came out great.  I doubt if I'll ever cook it any other way again.

•  I have a game to shoot today.  After that, my arm will get more than a week off.  It needs a rest, badly.

•  Whoopee!!  My new lens arrives this morning.  It's a 100-400mm and I can't wait to get my photo-geek hands on it.  Few things in life are more exciting than buying a new lens.

•  PR had to make "Mexican Hot Chocolate" for his Spanish homework the other night.  It had chile powder and cinnamon in it.  It was okay.  I think it could have done without the chile powder.

•  The Torturer gave me a do-at-home tip to help my pain level yesterday.  I'm sharing this minor news with you, because some of you are forever mad at him for past dramas.  He also refrained from telling me to put the camera away forever.  (That must have taken a lot of restraint on his part.)

•  My Internet hasn't been working very well.  An Internet Man is coming out today to take a look at it.  If he doesn't fix it, I will have severe withdrawals in 3 .. 2 .. 1 …!

•  Oh, look!  Trader Joe's has SHAMROCKS!  I love shamrocks.  They're perfect for hiding chocolate gold coins in.  (The leprechauns bring chocolate gold coins and then later in the day I serve leprechaun sundaes.  A leprechaun sundae is made out of mint chip ice cream, has chocolate syrup and whip cream on it and is decorated with the gold coins left earlier in the day.)  Sadly, leprechaun sundaes are not low-carb, and I don't indulge in one myself.

•  Do you think leprechauns will come to your house this week?

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13 Responses to “My Brain – Unexplained”

  1. Michelle

    Well done on The Torturer’s restraint. It must have been hard, but knowing your love for photography, well done.
    Now make sure you rest your arm in the week off!
    PS Love the flowers.

  2. Di

    Great looking shamrocks! They rock. Can’t wait to see the results your new lens gives you!

  3. WebSavvyMom

    –>My husband started baking bacon years ago on a cookie sheet and it’s so much easier. You can focus on whatever else you’re making on the stovetop. I pour off the grease halfway through cooking, you know, so it’s “healthier.”

  4. Liz Tee

    I wish leprechauns would come to my house and do the dishes. Although the cleaners come that day, so I guess I do have leprechauns!
    To John Rambo (prev commentor) thanks for boycotting. You are doing us all a favor.

  5. karen

    I bake bacon too, isn’t it awesome!!! Easer clean-up! And crispy!
    I bought shamrocks this week too…
    Congrats on the new lens!

  6. Holli Buchter

    No leprechauns at my house this year or ever. I am very anti St. Patrick’s Day. I am not Catholic or Irish. I choose to celebrate my own ethnicity on that day which is German. I make Pork and Saurkraut with mashed potatoes. I would make a German Chocolate cake if I had a working oven.

  7. Judi

    I used to be anti-St. Patrick’s Day like Holli, even though I grew up Catholic. I’ve mellowed, though, since I married into a family with Irish heritage. Love the idea of leprechaun sundaes!

  8. linda

    Pretty flowers always make me smile:) Baked Bacon? Hmm, have to try that. Hurray for the new lens!! Have fun with it.

  9. Amy_in_Stl

    I love shamrocks for two reasons. My mom always had a lot of them around when I was little. The second reason is that they grow from a bunch of tiny bulbs and are near impossible to kill. I love something that I can forget and when I remember about it I just have to start back on the watering and it comes right back!

  10. Rachael

    so.. back to the bacon. Doesn’t it splatter grease inside the oven? No? I am intrigued!

  11. Deidre

    My internet is such crap that I actually can’t watch videos ever because it takes like 3 years to load. It makes me so sad.

  12. Alexis (Minnesota)

    I’ve never heard of baking bacon either. I’ll be trying this! Thanks! There’s a variation on here too where they add brown sugar to it before cooking it – I’ll be trying that too!
    Just from Googling “baked bacon”
    So – does this mean you’re back to going to the Torturer? I think I may have missed something somewhere.


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