Ruffled Feathers

I get a lot of wildlife roaming through my backyard.

People always seem surprised to hear it because this is Orange County, the land of Disneyland and bad reality TV shows.  Nonetheless, I live adjacent to a "national forest" and I see a lot of critters.

Recently, a pair of doves have taken up residency in a tree adjacent to my patio.  I imagine they're building a nest because our yard seems to be the favorite nesting place of every.single.bird living in our little canyon.

Yesterday, one of the doves became upset when Mocha (our chocolate lab) chased her off our patio. 

In fact, you might say Mocha ruffled the dove's feathers.


I'm feeling like that dove today.

I have a second round of house guests arriving tonight.  I have a lot to do to get ready for their arrival.  I'll be driving up to LAX to pick them up, and I don't expect to get home until well after midnight.

I shot a baseball game yesterday which means I also have a team full of parents waiting for me to edit several hundred photos.  I have no time to edit them, because … house guests.

In other words, I'm feeling very overwhelmed by my "to do" list.

I plan to continue posting through the chaos of the next week, but if I miss a day you'll know why.  I might even subject you to whatever else I find in my old photo albums if I don't have time to write.


I'm very excited because next week I'm going to do a giveaway.  I'll be giving away one of my photos which I made into a "standout."  It turned out so beautiful!  (I'll have details next week.)

In the meantime, if any of you have any tips on house guests made simple for hosts with one working arm, please let me know.  I tend to stress myself out way more than I should when I have visitors.

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12 Responses to “Ruffled Feathers”

  1. Deidre

    I have no idea how to make handling house guests easier – one armed our not!
    Good luck!

  2. Yvonne A.

    Don’t sweat the small stuff,is my advice. I too tend to stress myself out when having houseguests, but have learned that life will still go on. Do only what is necessary. Those parents can wait for their pics, a few more days won’t hurt them. Good luck!

  3. WebSavvyMom

    –>We have house guests stay with us all the time. I took a tip from my mom who has a lake house and frequent guests too. On the last morning, she asks folks to strip the beds and if they have time, make up the bed with the second set of sheets she’s left in the closet/dresser. No one has ever complained about the task and it takes a burden off of her (and me when I do it at my own house). If they’re the type of people you want staying in your home, they shouldn’t mind either.
    Have fun.

  4. Jenny in MN now AZ

    If you are willing to have someone temporarily ‘live’ in your house with you…i.e. house guest – show them where everything is and say my house = your house. Let them open cupboards and fridge and even throw in a load of laundry – maybe the bedding or towels. Relax, enjoy the company – but remember you are not a hotel, servant or maid. This was one thing that was hardest for me to accept when my health turned on me. I always open my home to someone and say – sorry, this is my life, I have limitations…either like me for me, not how my looks and feels and what I can do for others.
    Things always have a way of working out. Hang in there.

  5. Jan

    Fortunately for me, the only house guests I ever have are my offspring, so I can put them to work. 😛 Having said that, if I were ever your house guest, I’d be helping you out, one-armed or not. It’s just the polite thing to do.
    Ooooo – I can’t wait to see what you’re giving away!

  6. Anne Gibert

    Okay, here’s the best advice I can think of. Hire someone to clean before they come and after they leave. Serve food like steak cooked on the outdoor grill,preferably managed by some man (no pot to wash) baked potato (no pot to wash) and salad. A nice bought dessert. Good wine. Then be your sweet self and smile a lot. Take pictures. They’ll think you are the greatest hostess in the world. And I bet you already know all this and they already think it.
    As soon as I get my show hung I’ll start working on a bobcat painting!

  7. Pam

    I agree with WebSavvyMom. Have an extra set of sheets in the closet, and ask if they can put their sheets in the laundry room, along with their towels, etc. It makes such a BIG difference the day they leave!
    Enjoy your time with them!

  8. Judi

    I have had houseguests while one-legged, but not one-armed. Fortunately, I’m not a corporate widow so could pawn off a lot of work to my hubby. I like others’ suggestions of no-fuss meals and strip-your-own bed rules. Why is it that everyone flies into LAX, though? That would drive me craziest of all. I am about to institute a rule that says, if you fly into SNA, I’m happy to pick you up. Fly into LAX, rent a car or hire a shuttle. I cannot handle the traffic, time and gas money any more!

  9. Suzanne Young

    I LOVE this picture. Absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Sandra

    Go out to eat every night so there are no dinner dishes or order pizza in!
    I like the bed ideas. I do that at my mom’s each time we visit her. I don’t make the beds, but I take the sheets and towels and put them in a basket near the laundry area. Maybe before they leave say “I’m putting a basket in the hallway, if you can just remove your sheets and towels and put them in there I’d appreciate it”.
    I also like Judi’s airport scenario.
    But, I know it can sometimes be tough to institute rules with friends/family if they’re not regulars.
    Good luck and have fun! I’m loving this weather. It’s going to hit 80 in my neck of the woods today. 🙂


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