The OC – It’s Not All Beaches

* I'm sorry if the photo quality today doesn't seem as high as usual.  I've been having a number of my photos stolen lately.  I've decreased the resolution of recent posted photos as a result.  I hate to do that, but I feel like I've got no choice.  Photos will continue to be of the highest quality when purchased off my photo site. * 

I'm a total beach rat, which you clearly know by now.

I do enjoy other parts of The OC too, though.  I grew up in the mountains north of Los Angeles and I love hiking in mountains and canyons.

Last weekend, Briefcase and I decided to go out for a "non-beach" hike.  We brought our two retrievers.  

It was the day after a storm and temperatures were on the cold side.  After a day of rain, it felt wonderful to get outside and do some exploring.


As you can see, there was a dusting of snow on "my" mountains.  

The main trail in the particular area we chose to hike is paved.  People ride bikes, walk, and jog along the paved trail.  There are a lot of smaller trails which shoot off in various directions.  The smaller trails are dirt and rock paths.  

It didn't take long for us to venture off onto the smaller trails.

We almost immediately ran across signs of storm damage.

(The color/saturation in the above photo hasn't been touched in Photoshop at all, it really was very, very, GREEN!)

There's a creek nearby too.  Most of the time it's nothing more than a dry creek bed.  After storms sometimes there's a little water running in it.  I've never seen it like this before:


The water was muddy, but in some areas there were white caps.  It was *almost* like a real river.  Amazing!

I got a lot of great photos, most of which aren't in this post.  Why is that?  Sometimes I baffle even myself.  Here's one of my favorites though:

There's nothing like a hike, a creek to splash in, and MUD to make me my dogs happy.

I put the next photo out on Twitter last weekend, but I'm going to post it here too.  



Dogs DO smile!

(And for those of you who love my chocolate lab and wish I'd shown a picture of her too ….  Mocha was happily chasing rabbits down trails and not cooperating for a photo!)

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12 Responses to “The OC – It’s Not All Beaches”

  1. Michelle

    People steal your pictures? That is so wrong!
    Anyways, love these ones. I especially love the one with the gate – so many gorgeous colors.

  2. WebSavvyMom

    –>I watermark my website name on my pictures now because I’m scared they’ll be stolen too.
    I was going to ask about Mocha!

  3. Tami

    Really love the first photo of mtns and the one with the gate. beauty!

  4. Pam

    I’m sorry people are stealing your pictures! I love the ones you posted here. I’m not a bit surprised that Mocha was off chasing rabbits. Mine would be doing the same thing!

  5. Liz Tee

    No matter what resolution you post, a regular computer monitor can only display at, I think, 75 pixels per inch (or something like that.) So anything higher than that is wasted on us. 🙂 Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do!

  6. Di

    Sorry about the photo theft. If I post a REALLY great shot I splash my name all over it so if they steal it, serves them right.
    Great smiling pup shot.

  7. Jan

    That is the MAIN reason I started posting low-res, watermarked photos on my blog. And it wasn’t even so much the stealing the pics as the hotlinking – my photos cost me nothing buy my time; the bandwidth costs *money*.
    Love the pic w/ the gate!

  8. Alexis (Minnesota)

    Thieves – bah. Bad karma on THEM! I have very find memories of hikes in Topanga Canyon and other canyons north of LA when my sister used to live there. She in fact got married in a canyon…very hippie stuff!! LOL Thanks for the shots of what promises to be Spring coming our way too!

  9. Sandra

    How can you tell when someone steals them? Not that I have or would. :0)
    Nice hike! We have a creek near me that often has white caps after big rains. Definitely river-ish.

  10. Matilda George

    Gorgeous photos. I’m from the Dakota Territory and at first it looked like you were in my parts of the world….but we don’t have mountains on this side of the state. Just bluffs along the mighty Missouri River.


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