The Wild, Wild, West!

Yesterday, I mentioned we're total weather wimps here in Southern California.

Sure enough, those statements were followed by a big storm complete with hail.

Can you see it?

It's just a phone pic, so it may not be THAT visible – but it's real hail!

Very exciting stuff here in Orange County.

Before we move on from Saturday's exciting encounter with a bobcat, I wanted to share a couple other photos from that same hike.

I think the road into (or out of) the park is so pretty all on its own.


Also, did you know there are actually places here with creeks, and streams, and waterfalls?


Real running water that isn't the ocean, or coming out of a faucet …


It was pretty shallow and mossy which is why it looks so green.

(The entire park was green, green, green … and no, I did not adjust the intensity of the greens in any of the park photos.)

A few weeks ago, I shared a photo of the prickly pear cacti blooming.

Now they have fruit:


And yes, you can eat prickly pears.  I've had them myself before.  You do have to be very careful picking, handling, and preparing them though.



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6 Responses to “The Wild, Wild, West!”

  1. Deidre

    Oooh Hail! Yes, Suzanne, that was a little bit sarcastic.
    I’ve never seen California so green before (southern california that is!)

  2. Jan

    Yesterday – bobcat envy. Today – green envy.
    I *do* have some crocus in my flower beds. Must get out and take photos.

  3. Di

    How soon will you be making prickly pear jelly my dear? LOL

  4. sandi

    The running water is the most surprising since we live in a desert. It’s absolutely gorgeous here now! I love WINTER in So Cal. It’s as green as Ireland.

  5. Julie Frueh

    I tried to send you a message but I’m at work and this computer has lots of restrictions. First, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Julie, a long time reader who never says anything. I also live with chronic pain. There is another blog that I read called “All Fooked Up’ which is usually humor but today has a link to a story called The Spoon Theory which is about living with chronic pain. I thought of you and wanted to share the story. Have a great day. (It’s raining in Chicago too.)

  6. karen

    What do they taste like? … I think I’de leave the picking and de-pricking (that sounds bad) to someone else.


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