Tigers, And Lions, And Bears … Almost!

Southern Californians freak out about any type of "weather."  It can't be helped.  The local TV stations go crazy predicting end-of-the-world-doom and we all stand around wringing our hands, flipping out, because there might be wind, or rain, oh … omigod snow!

I apologize on behalf of all of us.

On Saturday Briefcase and I listened to reports of a storm due to arrive the very next day.  We knew we had to get some type of adventure in immediately, because what if it rains and we never can leave the house again?

You think I'm joking, but I'm not.

We decided to hike around Aliso & Wood Canyons Park which is a bit inland from Laguna Beach.  The park has over 3,900 acres of nature to explore.  It also has the worst name ever for a park.

Everything was very green.  In fact, I don't think I've ever seen the park as green as it is right now.

We got a late start so we decided we'd hike to Cave Rock (which is not a super long hike, only a few miles).

As you can probably guess from the above photo, we made it.

Along the way, however, we had a few adventures.

First, we ran into deer.  


We see deer from our backyard, and in our community also.  Still, it takes my breath away to see them roaming around.  I know some of you will tell me they eat your flowers and ruin your gardens, but I love them anyway.

Just a few moments after seeing the deer in the above photo, I was startled by a bobcat crossing the path right in front of me.  He walked across the trail, kept looking back at me to see what I was doing, and then meandered into the deep grass away from us.


Again, my house backs up to a wilderness area.  I've seen bobcats before.  Being out in the middle of nowhere and having one that close, is different.  I didn't feel afraid of it, but please, oh, please, let me get a photo of you Mr. Bobcat!

He obliged.  

In fact, he seemed very curious about the sound of my shutter.

Then he walked away.


After he was gone, the following thoughts went through my head:

•  I'm glad he was a bobcat and not a mountain lion.

•  I'm glad Briefcase was with me and I wasn't alone.

•  What would Briefcase do if I was attacked by a mountain lion?

•  He couldn't do anything – we know someone who was eaten by one.

•  I should have brought my pepper spray.

•  Does pepper spray work on mountain lions?

•  I've seen a lot of bobcats, but THAT was a big bobcat!

Shortly after, we found ourselves exploring the caves at cave rock.


And then Briefcase reminded me we had a high school fundraiser we needed to go to and it was time to leave.  

I made a joke about leaving behind bobcats to embrace cougars.

The hike out of the park wasn't nearly as exciting as the hike in, but it was beautiful.

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12 Responses to “Tigers, And Lions, And Bears … Almost!”

  1. linda

    Wow! I love seeing deer too, even when they eat my flowers. And the Bobcat! Beautiful! But take your pepper spray next time! LOL!

  2. Pam

    Wow! Great pictures. I’m glad you were able to get pics of both animals. It looks like you had a fun time.

  3. Di

    Totally green! How nice that you got out to enjoy those springtime colors and also to meet Mr. Bobcat. He’s quite handsome.

  4. Anne Gibert

    I really envy your getting that bobcat to pose so beautifully. I saw a lynx in Alaska, but it was in a real hurry and there was no chance to get a picture.
    I have been making paintings of some photos I took of bears and coyotes. I would love to have a painting of that bobcat. Would you permit me to use your picture for a painting? I almost always paint from my own photos, but I don’t think I’ll live long enough to catch a photo of a bobcat.
    I am not sure I could do it — there is some grass right over its face. But I might find another photo where I could get the details.

  5. Gypsyheather

    Um back up, you KNOW someone who was eaten by one?! That’s random to just drop in lol! Not laughing cause you know someone, cause thats horrible (as someone who lived in SoCal half her life, I’ve had my encounters) just at the casual drop of it 🙂 I’m glad it wasn’t a mountain lion either, and that you weren’t eaten!
    P.S. love the last pic! I do NOT know how I’ll decide which of your photos to buy when we finally get to decorating the new house… you make it so tough! 🙂

  6. missmolly

    Looks like you had a great day…exercise, time with hubby and some beautiful photos.

  7. WebSavvyMom

    –>Looks like that Bobcat had a tag in his/her ear. Does the State of California track the animals in the park?


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