I’m Expecting!

We have a pool with a grotto.

This is what I found in the grotto while swimming last weekend:


(Taken with my Canon S95)

While I swim each day, Mama Bird flies to a rock on the side of our pool and watches me nervously.  The minute I'm out of the pool, she's back in her nest.  Daddy Bird stays nearby and brings her food.

Mama Bird returns to our pool grotto and builds a new nest in the exact same spot every year.

I always worry one of the babies will fall into the pool and drown.  As far as I know, it hasn't happened yet.

In any case, once again, I find myself excited and anxious for the new arrivals.

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9 Responses to “I’m Expecting!”

  1. Di

    Love the sweetness of a bird’s nest. They work so hard to make the tiny little beds for their eggs to lie in. We have two old nests in our front bushes.

  2. Jan

    Isn’t it interesting how they nest in the same place year after year? The Canada goose that nested in the parking lot of our office last spring is right back in the same, exact spot. I’m going to begin bringing my camera to work every day in early June in hopes I’ll get a shot of her leading the goslings to the park after they hatch. Just like she did last year.


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