Important Business

Every once in awhile I have to take a day to handle blog business.  If today is your first day visiting here, I apologize, and hope you'll come back to visit again tomorrow.

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have expressed an interest in my photos.  So many of you have purchased them for your homes, or as gifts for people you care about.  I am tremendously touched.  It brings me so much joy to know others are enjoying my photography. 

I've had a lot of questions come up regarding photo orders lately so I wanted to explain a few things today.  I realize not all of you are interested in this topic, and I apologize for that.  However, enough people have inquired – I need to take a day to address it.

Yes, you can still order prints from me the same way you always have.  Just click on the camera button on my sidebar – easy!

However –

Several people wanted to know how they could go about buying the hummingbird standout I featured in a giveaway last week.  The solution wasn't as easy as it sounds since I had it specially made.  (I, unfortunately, can't offer them through my Pro Account with Shutterfly because they don't make them.)  

Remember, a standout DOES NOT require any type of frame, thus saving you the cost of framing it.

Also, I've had a few requests for canvas prints.  Let me tell you, I love when my favorite photos are printed on canvas.  They come out just as beautiful as a very expensive painting, if not more so.  (In fact, I have several canvas prints hanging in my own home.) 

A canvas print DOES require framing (unless you really don't care about such things).  A canvas print is definitely the way to go on larger size prints – anything above an 8 x 10.

I'm still searching for the best vehicle to offer both standouts and canvas prints for those of you who want them.  Until I find the perfect way to offer both, I have a temporary solution.

I've installed a PayPal button on my sidebar.  It says "Buy Now" and it's yellow.  Do you see it?  Right above the button is a pull down menu with pricing for the following:

8 x 10 standout, 8 x 10 canvas print, 11 x 14 canvas print, 16 x 20 canvas print, 20 x 30 canvas print

(None of the above items are cheap.  I'm sorry about that.  They are more expensive items to make and the cost can't be helped.  They are, however, BEAUTIFUL.  If you're considering a large print for your home, I highly recommend turning it into a piece of art by having it printed on canvas.  And yes, personally, I do prefer canvas to a standout – but they both are nice and I have both hanging in my own home.)

The PayPal button provides you with a safe way to purchase any of the above items from me.  What it doesn't do, is tell me WHICH of my photos you want to order.  As an example, if you want to order an ocean-scape in a canvas print you will have to do two things.  First, email me ( and tell me exactly which photo you want made into a standout or canvas print …  Two, pay for it via the PayPal button.  

There's a shipping charge in addition to the cost of the photo because standouts and canvas prints have to be packaged very carefully to avoid in-transit damage.  (If you're ordering from outside of the United States, additional shipping charges will most likely apply.)

I will, personally, handle each order and have the finished product drop-shipped directly to you when it's completed.  Turn around time is surprisingly quick on these items.  I've been very pleased with the fast turn around times and superb quality I've experienced so far.  I have a fantastic company handling these for me.  In the future, I hope to work out a way for you to order directly from them.

So …

As an example, for the several of you who wanted to purchase the hummingbird standout this is what you need to do:

1)  Email me and inform me you are ordering the hummingbird at sunset standout.

2)  Pay for it with the PayPal button on the sidebar.

Once payment has been received, I will personally handle your order and make sure it's delivered perfectly to you.

If you want a standout or canvas print of any of my other photos, you will do the exact same thing – let me know what you want by emailing me, and pay for it via the PayPal button on my sidebar.  (For regular prints, you will use the camera button on my sidebar just like you always have.)

Easy enough?

If you have any questions, let me know.

I aim to please.

And thank you again – so much!

© Twenty Four At Heart

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  1. Jan

    Have you considered something like an Etsy store to sell the standouts and canvas prints? It might make the process a little easier.


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