Apologizing For My Worst Post Ever

* I will be hosting a photo giveaway tomorrow, make sure to stop by! *

My guests left on a redeye out of LAX last night.  (Translation:  I was up very, very, late seeing them off.)

I was expecting a well known blogger to be staying with me today, giving me one additional day of playing hostess, but plans changed and I'm now (sadly) famous blogger-less.

With all the guest commotion, I haven't had much writing time so I thought I'd give you a brief update on what I've been doing.

•  Spending way too much time on L.A. freeways.

•  Eating too much, drinking too much, getting too little sleep.

•  Logging several miles of walking/hiking in an effort to counter all of the above.

•  Snapping iPhone photos in my front yard:


•  Drinking a lot of Jasmine Oolong iced tea, which I might be addicted to.

•  Taking a few photos with my "real" camera.


•  Driving baseball carpool.  Baseball carpool involves hours upon hours in the car with smelly teenage baseball players who tell inappropriate jokes and then laugh uproariously.  

•  Helping PR make SIX posters for school.  It took HOURS of my weekend.  (Seriously!)

•  Booking a family trip to Hawaii for this upcoming summer.  Briefcase insisted on the trip, and I was *forced* to go along with his wishes.  I might have added a couple extra days when I made the reservation.  (Shhhhhhhhh!)

•  Omigod Hawaii – that means BATHING SUIT TIME!

•  Noticing funky, unusual, cloud formations in the early mornings.

(Taken while sipping my favorite coffee on my patio.)


Now that my guests are gone, I'm gearing up to photograph a high school baseball tournament.  There are, I think, seven games in the next nine day period.  I may have to skip photographing a few of them because even the thought of all those hours of photography makes me cringe in pain.  Baseball requires a BIG, HEAVY lens and the games usually run 2-3 hours long..  My monopod has helped my arm a lot, but there are limits to what I can handle pain-wise.

OK, this is the most boring post ever.  I'm sorry – I'm exhausted!

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully refreshed, and with a great giveaway.

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6 Responses to “Apologizing For My Worst Post Ever”

  1. karen

    Oh, what a view you have there. How lucky to sip coffee on the patio overlooking a range like that ..wow.
    And.. HAWAII!!!.. Haven’t been there since our honeymoon..20something years ago.

  2. Deidre

    Yay Hawaii! That sounds amazing.
    I love clouds and your photos are magnificent!
    good luck with all those baseball games.

  3. Di

    I like random (boring) posts like this. Too bad about being forced into going to Hawaii… that husband of yours is so awful to you! No more bathing suits for this girl… moo-moos only.

  4. Jane

    Suzanne, if you don’t stop taking such gorgeous pictures, I’m going to be bankrupt. This one of the ocean and the rocks is breathtaking! I grew up on the East coast and can’t get enough of any ocean.

  5. Piper Toland

    I would take vaginal dryness for a trip to Hawaii ANY DAY. Quite jealous of your gorgeous weather. Out here in Utah it just dumped a few inches of snow last weekend and more is heading our way tonight. Just in time for another weekend of snow. OMG…IT IS APRIL.
    Cheers, Piper

  6. Jason

    Even your worst post is better than oh so many others out there.


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