OK, This Didn’t Happen in Orange County

Briefcase sent me this article yesterday.

I have no words so I'm just going to copy it verbatim here for you to read.

It's an article written by Celia Rivenbark who is a columnist in Wilmington, North Carolina.

I hope the type is big enough for you to read ….

If not?

It's worth pulling out a magnifying glass!



Megan Mariah Barnes is Florida's 1st bikini-shaving-related traffic offender of the year.

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20 Responses to “OK, This Didn’t Happen in Orange County”

  1. Alexis from MN

    I just HAD to link to this on my facebook so my co-workers etc could see it. Sigh.
    Job security.

  2. Michelle

    I have no words. Lots of questions, but …..

  3. Di

    What a weirdo she is. Did she also get ticketed for littering since she tossed the strips out the window? Icky poo… she’s just nasty.
    Giveaway at my blog today so come see if interested.

  4. Alan

    Oh come on. Everyone here KNOWS they have had this sort of thing happen. It happens all the time!
    Oooooor not.

  5. Redneck Mommy

    She held a razor to her hooha while DRIVING? That’s not redneck, that is just INSANE. I like my girl bits too much to try that out for myself.

  6. missmolly

    Oh my!!! Words simply cannot express my disbelief.

  7. Judi

    The most important question wasn’t addressed in the article – brazilian or playboy?

  8. Jan

    THANK YOU – this just made my day! And made me feel SO much better about certain family members who, while they may be absolutely fruit loops, still would not wield sharp objects around their genitalia while speeding down a highway. Their *spouses* genitalia, perhaps, but never, ever their own…

  9. Ginger

    You realize I’m IN Wilmington, NC, right? Celia is one of my favs, y’all!

  10. Jill

    I’m almost surprised this wasn’t from the OC … but then again, nothing surprises me too much these days! Insane!!

  11. Jason

    I thought my boss was weird when I saw him shaving his face on the way to work. This really, really takes the cake!


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