Sunday Afternoon

* For those of you who requested it, I will have news on ordering the hummingbird standout photo in tomorrow's post. *

It was a perfect day yesterday.

Of course, perfect weather meant … beach.

Here's a look at the road leading to one of my favorite (secret!) beaches:


Beautiful, isn't it?!

You really have to be careful not to drive over the guardrail or you'll go tumbling off the bluff onto "my" beach.

Here's a look at the little cove below:


See what I mean?


Isn't it pretty?

The water was so BLUE and AQUA-ISH yesterday!

There's a little hidden path, which in turn leads to a zillion stairs down to the beach.

Even the path is pretty.

When my kids were young, they loved the attraction of the arch (shown below).  I wouldn't let them near it if I wasn't with them.

The arch is more dangerous than it looks.  The tide comes up quickly and you can get trapped on the other side of it.  There's also a "hole" right as you step through to the other side.  You think you're on solid footing and then whoosh! you're in deeper water than expected.

Last week, a woman nearly drowned after she went out on the rocks near the arch.  A wave knocked her in the water and she didn't know how to swim.  Why would she have gone out onto rocks in the ocean if she didn't know how to swim?  Why do people do stupid things like that?  In any case, a man was on the balcony of his beach house, saw her plight, and went in after her – saving her life.

When the tide is down, it's a much safer situation.


(Funky colors in the above photo – sorry!  I was experimenting with filters!)

In upcoming posts, I'll share more about this special beach.  I don't want to bore you with too many photos in one day.

I do have to say again, though …..

It was a perfect day.

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6 Responses to “Sunday Afternoon”

  1. donna

    You are right…perfect beach, perfect day! I so envy you being so close to a beach! The water is just beautiful! We have a pontoon boat on a close lake but it is runoff water and so full of silt that it look brown/grey. I’ll take it anyway…it’s water!

  2. Serial Swooper

    Love the tattoo! Just curious…was 24 a particularly awesome year for you? It’s no doubt a great stage of life but wondering if it was ESPECIALLY amazing for you.

  3. karen

    Just beautiful, are you tired of my comments repeated again and again??… I just LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE!!!.. The hole in the rock formation reminds me of Horse shoe bay in Bermuda –
    Is that your tattoo??

  4. Jan

    Well, for once it was lovely here, too. 80 damn degrees yesterday and not a cloud in the sky. I kept wandering around outside just to savor it, because today a cold front is moving in, bringing thunderstorms and tomorrow it will be back in the 40s and 50s. *sigh*
    I envy your feet.

  5. Di

    People just do stupid things… there’s no explaining why, but that woman was luckier then hoo haa to have a homeowner looking out his window at just the right moment. I’d love to live in one of those houses!


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