Because I Have a Bird Brain

Wow – it was a whirlwind of a weekend!


New medication … lots of side effects.  


I have so many things I want to blog about, but I didn't have the time today.

I apologize.

In other words, it was not my intention to post another Phoebe post today, but I ran out of time and mental focus so this is what you get.  (I know some of you love Phoebe updates and some of you don't.  My goal is to keep you updated, but NOT bore you to death with daily bird photos!)

Anyway …

This is a not-so-great photo of our pool from our deck:

We had winds this weekend, so there are leaves floating around in it – but you get the general idea.  The water is really a deep aqua color due to the type of pebbletec we had the pool made with.  The slide is to the left, normally the waterfall runs down the rocks in the middle and off the diving ledge, and there are stairs leading up to the slide on the right.

Inside the little cave/grotto is a bench that can seat two people comfortably.  Our pool is eight feet deep at the waterfall end, so the bench inside the grotto makes for a comfortable resting spot.

When you're sitting in the cave, on that little bench (assuming the waterfall is not on), the view looks like this:


When the waterfall is on, all you see is a big current of water coming down in front of you.  It's kind of fun.

Lately, I've been keeping the waterfall off so Phoebe can get in the grotto to feed her babies.

Phoebe hates the waterfall.

I'm explaining all this so you understand it's impossible to see Phoebe's nest unless you get in the pool, swim to the grotto and perch your butt on the grotto bench.  If you look back at my first photo, you'll notice you can't see the nest at all.

The babies are now four days old and they're starting to look like birds.  


I think the above is my, so far, favorite photo of the babies.  (And yes, there are four in the nest even though you can only see two beaks in the above photo.)

Phoebe is feeding her babies constantly.  She will even feed them if I'm in the pool swimming, but she won't get near the nest if anyone else from my family is in the pool.

Phoebe and I have, apparently, reached a point of mutual trust in our relationship.

The babies heard the click of my camera and thought it must be mom coming in to feed them again.

Kind of cute in an ugly, newborn, sort of way.

© Twenty Four At Heart

6 Responses to “Because I Have a Bird Brain”

  1. donna

    The pictures of your pool are just stunning….what a pleasant place to spend an afternoon! Those birdie knew what ey were doing when they picked that spot to nest!
    Hope your med/health issues pass quickly!

  2. Jan

    “Kind of cute in an ugly, newborn, sort of way.” That made me LOL – I feel that way about people babies.
    I hope you feel better soon, my dear.

  3. WebSavvyMom

    –>I love your backyard more and more every time you post pictures. It looks like there are rocks in the water by the waterfall. Is that just a reflection?

  4. Di

    Ya, lots of species have ugly babies. It bugs me when people have an ugly baby and everyone says how cute it is when they all know it’s really a homely baby. I wonder if the mama bird is expecting compliments too. Those are really ugly babies… LOL

  5. Deidre

    What a gorgeous pool! And very ugly cute babies.
    On my holidays, I saw 3 week old kittens who had the same ugly/adorable conundrum surrounding them.


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