I Lied

I know I told you I'd have a "real" post for you today, but …

Pain flare-up.

I'm sorry; I'm really hurting and pain (along with the accompanying pain medication) sucks all my thoughts right out of my head.

Dr. Painless has been on a safari in South Africa for a few weeks.  (You might recall I couldn't reach him last time I went through this.)  He's back now and I'm going to see him today.  I guess the pain business is very good.  I wish I could go on an African safari … camera in hand.  In fact, before he left, I hinted he might want to take me along as his personal photographer.  Instead, he asked me for a few tips on a new camera he bought.


The plan today is to change the pain meds I use for these awful flare ups.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?  I hope it helps.  I mainly hope he gives me something I can function on.  I hate drugs that make me feel like a slow-motion-snail.

My arm has been acting up for unknown reasons the last few days.  I honestly can't think of a thing I did to provoke it.  But then, I did do some cooking yesterday … chopping, etc. for a picnic salad and I just can't do that.  It sent me to my room in tears over the edge.

My inability to do simple tasks is something I've never accepted.  It just pisses me off to no end.  I think to myself, "This would be no big deal to anyone else."  Then I attempt things which are simple for everyone else.  And then I curl up in a ball in pain and sob whimper.

Anyway …

The moral of the story is to avoid cars which barrel through stop signs and/or red lights and fuck up your life.

On a happier note,

Look what I saw:

Watching dolphins frolic is something I've never gotten "used to." 

It's always amusing, always a delight … always a reminder of the joy in life.

These are the types of things I try to keep focused on.

I'm surrounded by beauty,

I never take it for granted.

© Twenty Four At Heart

8 Responses to “I Lied”

  1. Jo Anne

    Excuse me, but I think that was a “real” post. From what I have read,that is as real as your life gets. I so wish that there was something someone could do to provide you with enough relief to function in this life without having to think about your every move and how it might impact you. I, too, have chronic pain. However, mine is so nothing compared to yours–so I can’t even imagine how you do function. Take care of yourself and keep those “real” posts coming.

  2. Jan

    I agree with Jo Anne – looks like a real post to me!
    I hope your appointment with Dr. Painless goes exceedingly well.

  3. Kelly

    Hope he can help you. Love the dolphin photo. All your photos, actually.

  4. Erica

    I missed dolphin sightings! You really are surrounded by beauty. Hope the pain meds work.

  5. Denise ;)

    Praying that just recently a wonderful new drug is available to You. No one should have to exist with constant pain.

  6. Denise ;)

    Praying that just recently a wonderful new drug is available to You. No one should have to exist with constant pain.

  7. Lunachance

    As a chronic pain person, disabled by cancer, I have to let you know that South Africa is very accessible. I went last year and had a great time. There were not too many things I could not do. So, I would suggest saving for the safari and treat yourself to business class for the 16 hour flight (Atlanta to Johannesburg).
    I am glad you are seeing the pain doc. Fingers crossed that you can get that worked out.


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