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About two months ago, I began wearing Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Basically Invisalign is a clear, see-through, type of braces for your teeth.

Here's an iPhone photo of me with the Invisalign "aligners" on.

As you can see, there's not much to see!

(Except those wrinkles under my eyes!  Why didn't I Photoshop them away?)

So, why did I decide to do Invisalign?

When I was young I had braces.  I got my braces off at the age of 12.  For years, my teeth stayed "perfect."

About two years ago, I noticed one of my lower teeth was moving quickly and substantially.  It was turning almost sideways and slipping behind my other teeth.  Even though it bothered me, I had no intention of doing anything about it.  I certainly didn't want braces for a second time.  Also, my lower teeth aren't that visible when I smile so I figured I would just live with it.

Six months ago, my upper teeth began moving too.  Specifically, my upper two front teeth were moving quickly.  Yes, those same two front teeth which are the most visible teeth every time I talk or smile.

I had visions of Bugs Bunny teeth.

After talking with my dentist, and my kids' orthodontist, I decided to do Invisalign.

Every 2-3 weeks I put in a new set of clear aligners.  Each set moves my teeth a little closer to where they're supposed to be.  I should be done with the whole process of teeth straightening in about three months.  The aligners pop out when I eat, but stay in the rest of the time.  

The discomfort has been extremely minimal, and I love that I can take the aligners out when/if I need to.

Really, for me, the only negative has been the fact that I can no longer sip on coffee for hours in the morning.  (I don't want to keep the aligners off for that length of time.)  My coffee drinking time still exists, but I don't just aimlessly sip it for hours anymore.

Really, not that big of a sacrifice …

After I got Invisalign, (and by the way – paid, in full, for it), I wrote to them and suggested they might be interested in working with me.  I get so many PR offers each day, and most of the products would hold no interest to my readers.  I thought Invisalign had a product some of you might be interested in. 

As a side note, I never write to companies suggesting they might want me to write about them on Twenty Four At Heart.  Also, I specifically told them I wasn't looking for any free product/services for myself.

Guess what?

They never even bothered to respond.

Boo Hiss Invisalign!

Maybe they don't like the fact I sometimes use swear words, or write words like "vagina?"  Maybe they only like young Mommy Bloggers and don't realize how many non-mommy-bloggers their product would appeal to?

In any case, it's their loss.

Yes, I'm writing about my experience, but no – they aren't getting any promotional benefits.

I've been told my teeth will not be 100% perfect when I'm done, but that they should be about 97-98% perfect.  I can live with that – and to me, it's a decent trade-off for not having metal braces a second time.

More importantly, the final set of aligners will act as ongoing retainers.  I will wear them, only at night, once my teeth are done being corrected.  Wearing them just at night will prevent my teeth from moving in the future.

I'll update you when I'm done and let you know if I think the process was worth the cost.

Also, if I can get my before photos from the orthodontist, I'll post before and after photos once I'm done.

Would you do some form of teeth straightening as an adult?

How about any type of cosmetic dentistry?

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19 Responses to “Invisalign”

  1. Jan

    You are a Mommy, and a blogger – hence you are a Mommy Blogger; your kids are just pretty much grown. And you’re right – their loss; they apparently have no idea how large your readership is.

  2. Yvonne A.

    I too had some movement of my teeth after braces. I stopped wearing my retainer YEARS ago. lol.. and as I aged, started to notice my problem tooth moving. I wore regular braces on just a few teeth in front for 6 months and it moved my tooth back. I NOW wear my retainer EVERY night. lol..

  3. Di

    I too wore braces in my teens. My teeth moved dramatically over the past few decades and I began speaking with a lisp, so this past December I had braces put on. Invisalign were not an option for me since my teeth are requiring a great deal of movement for them to be correctly aligned in my mouth once again. I probably would not have chosen to spend the money on braces, but the lisp was becoming way too noticeable and really bugged me.

  4. Denise

    I’ve been considering Invisalign, but only for my bottom teeth. Dental work is SO EXPENSIVE and dental insurance is nearly worthless. So after paying for a couple of replacement crowns, the straightening is on hold. They told me it would take a year. I’ll be curious to hear about your results.

  5. WebSavvyMom

    –>Some of my teeth have shifted and I’ve considered Invisalign but not enough to research the cost yet. There are too many other expenses in our lives right now.

  6. Diana

    I need to do something. Maybe this? My teeth are movig a lot and I just turned 48!

  7. Liz Tee

    Funny you should mention it! I just got full metal braces top and bottom put on a week ago. I had my permanent retainer removed in my 20s (bad move!) and my teeth started moving years ago. It didn’t look great but I wasn’t going to do anything about it until my bottom teeth started chipping! My bottom teeth were so crowded I had to have a bottom front tooth pulled to make room to put everything else back. (That is NOT a good look, BTW.) I let things get waaay to far gone for Invisalign to be an option.
    The orthodontist told me that often, as women (ahem) approach 50, all of a sudden teeth that had been stable for decades start to move. Not that you’re approaching 50 or anything! 😉 I am 51.
    It sucks having braces again. One week, down, two years to go. The inside of my mouth is a mess. I feel like I’m 13 again. It’s costing me a mint but I’d rather pay than start losing teeth. The only upside is that I’m single (widowed) and don’t have to kiss anyone. 🙂
    Let this be a cautionary tale to those younger folks out there playing fast and loose with their retainers: WEAR THEM!!

  8. sandi

    I knew you looked different at lunch the other day. I kept staring at you trying to put my finger on it. I finally just chalked it up to you looking like a giddy teenager after the CHP officers flirted with you and we had an awfully cute waiter. 🙂 You are a gorgeous woman!!

  9. Tami

    Stupid on their part not to respond. I hear a lot of adults are doing braces now.
    You are so pretty!

  10. unmitigated me

    My friend the dentist does Invisalign, and it’s amazing what it can do. Not recommended for kids younger than 17 or 18, because you need to be dedicated to keeping them in the majority of the time. She charges about $100 per tray, and a tray usually goes for two weeks, so a year’s worth would run about 2600. at least here, it does. Maybe La dentists charge more like everyone else on the west coast!

  11. Di

    I haven’t done this myself as of yet, but have noticed that my lower teeth are doing the same thing yours were doing. It drives me nuts but the kids needed braces first. My sister paid in full for her Invisalign also a couple months ago she only has about two weeks left and has loved them so far. I am sure as soon as my kids braces are done I will get them for myself :). Hope you have fabulous results with them.

  12. Cathy B

    My husband did Invisalign; should have had braces as a kid but didn’t. Consequently he had VERY stubborn teeth – surprised the dentist and the orthodontist! Due to this stubbornness it took him almost two years, but he was not very strict with himself about adhering to the schedule so some of that was his own fault. Ħowever it did work, and maybe a third was covered by my dental benefits at work. He has a permanent (plastic) retainer bonded to the backs of his teeth to keep them from moving where they want to again, which has to be checked twice a year.
    Two other friends had Invisalign as well, took a MUCH shorter time and they’re very happy with it. One of them noticed, as did my husband, that if your teeth are more stubborn, each new tray could be painful for the first day or two, but if you’ve been through braces before you’ll know that feeling!

  13. Deidre

    I had braces when I was a young thing as well.
    My bottom teeth have moved back to the realm of crooked. I’d definitely consider using Invisalign. But I don’t know they have to be making a bigger move than what they’re doing now for me to spend the money.

  14. Lex

    I’ve been thinking of getting Invisalign for the longest time, but I have a major aversion to dentists. Plus, money, and time, are running a little sparse for me. Gah!
    I’m interested to read more about how it works out for you!

  15. Amy in StL

    So I’m wondering if you HAVE to wear the last tray at night forever or if there is a time on that. I remember when I got my retainers, I had to wear them 24/7 for a certain period of time, then just at night for a certain period of time, then I could quit wearing them. So is Invisalign not as permanent?
    I talked to my dentist a couple months ago about wearing my retainers at night again because I think my lower teeth have shifted a bit at age 41. Not really bad, but I think if I catch it early, I can keep them in place with nocturnal use of my retainer. I guess not everyone keeps their retainers?

  16. dogmother

    My teeth have moved with middle age. I’m going to check it out. My dentist didn’t even recommend any treatment, in spite of the fact that it was distressing for me. Sigh.

  17. Neeroc

    I have a small gap (can’t quite fit a dime, yes I’ve tried) in my front teeth and a hereditary crooked bottom tooth. I’ve never considered getting them adjusted I don’t thing they’re over the ‘need fixing’ line.
    My teeth are naturally…lets say non-white. No amount of scrubbing or strips or bleach trays changes them. I haven’t done any research into it, but laser or some other form of tooth whitening is on my cosmetic dentistry list though.

  18. Cecania Tallmadge

    Wow. You look great with braces! Best thing about invisalign is its convenience, you can take ’em off anytime especially when you’re eating. Hope to see the before & after photos!


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