You Should Have Kept Your Wee Willy In Your Pants, Arnold

* Warning:  If you think celebrities can do no wrong, you will not want to read my opinion on the recent Schwarzenegger scandal. *

I don't normally comment on what goes on in the life of celebrities.  

I grew up in Southern California, and I'm the last person to be star struck by anyone.

You might even say I'm jaded.

Celebrities bore me.

(Well, except for the night Harrison Ford was at Angel Stadium's Diamond Club … he did get my attention, I confess.)

Governors (and now, ex-governors) with big egos also bore me.

However, I'm so disgusted by all the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger hubub, I can't help but address it.


You're gross.

Gross as in, absolutely disgusting.

I don't know who would want to sleep with you in the first place.

Steroids create muscle bound men with teeny tiny, microscopic, peckers …

Everyone knows that.

What an awkward combination – having a body all out of proportion like that.

In fact, the very idea of your wee-willy gives me a bad case of heebie jeebies.

Rumors have circulated, for years, of you manhandling women, sexually harassing women, bullying women for sex and basically making a giant dick out of yourself with women.


Now, you've humiliated your family.

Your poor kids.

(The kids everyone knew about, and the kid whose existence you've denied all this time.)

Your offspring are the people being hurt the most.

It's hard for a kid to walk into school when the newspapers and Internet are headlining their dad's schlong.

And why?

So you could feel more like a man by screwing the household help?

Seriously, Arnold?

The household help?

Did you threaten her with the loss of her job for sex?

Did you bully/harass her as you are purported to have done with other women?

Even if it was a willing, consensual, sexual encounter leading to a "love child" …

I think you're pathetic.

I don't know anyone who respects a man whose ego lives in his dick.

I don't think anyone respects you.

© Twenty Four At Heart

8 Responses to “You Should Have Kept Your Wee Willy In Your Pants, Arnold”

  1. Jan

    All I could think after reading about this “love child” is “Well, THAT explains a lot…” Poor Maria, but you’re right – the real victims are his kids. All of them.

  2. karen

    I cannot believe he allowed the woman to continue to work IN HIS -MARIAS!!!_ home for ten more years…. That is horrendous, let alone the stupid original behavior.

  3. Di

    I have never understood Maria’s attraction to him. He’s not even handsome. And that voice just plain makes him sound stupid when he opens his mouth to speak. He needs to just go back to playing roles in second rate movies. Bleh. Never liked him anyway.
    I’ve never been the type to be star struck by anyone. They all wipe their asses the same way we do so what’s the big deal about stars. Another bleh.

  4. Suzanne Y.

    I agree with how creepy and ugly he is, even more now with time. I am just surprised the woman wanted to stay employed KNOWING that the child she carried was HIS! I cannot imagine the guilt and shame she must have carried these past years.
    Naturally I can’t help wanting to know more about this situation. Like why did she quit working for them in January? Why did Arnold finally come clean about this and tell Maria a few short months ago? Was someone else going to spill the beans and Arnold figured he better be the one to tell Maria rather than the media?
    He is an idiot, and if he does go back into making mediocre movies I expect half the population (those with vaginas that is) won’t want to part with $10 to see him “act.”

  5. Missy

    ARROGANCE-Arnold’s behavior. There just aren’t words to describe the disgust.

  6. Linda

    Bleh. Sad how his kids were being followed on Twitter. What is the world with its blathering social media coming to. When I saw what his kids were twittering I wondered, how does anyone live in the spotlight like that? I’d just curl up and whither under such scrutiny. eewww

  7. Lisa

    I guess I just don’t care enough to get riled up about Arnold’s infidelities. Much like with the Clinton sex scandal, and every single cheater story after that, I just don’t feel like it’s a) newsworthy and b) anything I want to know. Why do public figures feel the need for pulic confessions and why does the public feel this need/right to know? That’s what I want to know. (please don’t think I’m bashing your post – I’m not! I think it makes a good point – this kind of behavior is sad in anyone. It just brings these questions of voyeurism and exhibitionism to mind for me.)


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