Have you noticed the color orange is "in?"

Orange is a color most of us normally associate with fall, not spring/summer.

Everywhere I go, all I'm seeing is orange.

I think I took the above iPhone photo in Z Gallerie.

No, I don't have any orange accents in my house.

Yesterday, I treated myself to a pedicure.  I was talked into using OPI's Grand Canyon Sunset, even though the color is out of my normal comfort zone.


It isn't exactly orange, but it's coral-ly.

I suppose I'll get used to it in a few days?  

I never like a new color the first few days.  It takes me awhile to get used to seeing something new.  If it doesn't grow on me, I can always change it easily enough.  Apparently, the salon can barely keep it in stock.

I haven't bought any orange clothes, I don't think I will.

Orange isn't the greatest color on me.

I did, however, finally find a summer handbag I like and it has an orange a "tangerine" handle.

So how do you feel about orange?

Are you keeping up with the trend?

Do you hate it?

Do you like it in limited doses?

Or are you a full-blown orange hater?

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19 Responses to “Orange”

  1. Catch the Kids

    I love orangey red. Opi Cajan Shrimp is one of my fave colours. True orange is nice too in shoes or bags or as an accent. Bright is beautiful!!

  2. unmitigated me

    I love oranges and corals together, especially! Right now I am wearing OPIs DS Illuminate on my tootsies.

  3. Di

    I like orange but have none in my wardrobe. I do however like it as an accent color in some rooms of the home.. not really in a living area, but in a kitchen would be fabulous! I like your toe-nail polish color. 🙂

  4. ShaBean

    I have been a fan of Orange for a long time now. Orange Poppies are my fav flower. So I’m glad it finally started trending and I can get stuff in orange now. My bedroom’s main color is orange with accents of key lime green. Does that sound horrible? It’s actually very lovely. It’s not wall to wall orange. My sheets are orange and my comforter is Giant Orange Poppies with white background and shots of the key lime green. But there’s large splashes of orange in vases, throw pillows and art.

  5. Jan

    I’m not a huge fan of orange – the color, anyway. I think I only own one article of clothing that has any orange in it (although I DO love the shirt). I feel a lot more comfortable with articles of clothing or household objects if they’re given a euphemistic name like “tangerine” – so, I feel MUCH better about loving your new bag. Nice!
    I hope you’re feeling better today, my friend.

  6. sandi

    I love the polish! It’s my favorite. That color is my “comfort zone.”

  7. Missy

    I love orange and wear it too. It’s a really flattering color on me and it brightens up aging skin. Turquoise is a great complementary color!

  8. Karen in East Texas

    When I was young, I never like orange much. The color has grown on me over the years. I like orange, but love an intense, vivid true orange. I have one top (was a gift) in that color and wasn’t sure about wearing that color. Everytime I wear it though I get many compliments on how good the color looks on me.
    The polish color looks good on you. I hope you grow to like it.

  9. Anne Gibert

    What lovely toes you have.
    I have a little chair that I had recovered in bright orange shiny material. I love it.

  10. Tami

    Love that polish on you!
    I like orange, but more as a side dish than a main course.

  11. Judi

    I’m like Karen in East Texas. Never really cared for orange much, but it’s grown on me. I had one orange top that I received as a gift that looked good on me, but never gravitate toward it in stores. I’m married to a San Francisco Giants fan, so all of the orange in our house is part of a Giants logo (posters, a lamp, memorabilia…).

  12. Linda

    I love Orange and my toes are bright orange as we speak. My favvorite toe polish color- looks good even before you are tan (Ohio)Orange also looks good on me or so I v=have been told. Most bright colors do. (I am wearing beige and white today- very classy but not so bright)

  13. Jo Anne

    I think this is interesting. That color is beautiful and looks great on your toes — but is out of your comfort zone — didn’t you just show us a picture of your poor hurt toe with BLUE polish? That so is out of my comfort zone. As for me, I do not wear or decorate with orange — too old for that. I think it is a “young” persons color, though I like the color.

  14. WebSavvyMom

    –>After attending Virginia Tech, it’s *impossible* not to like Burnt Orange and Chicago Maroon together. Hokies are always in fashion.

  15. Amy_in_Stl

    Yeah, I’m pretty much a full blown orange hater. That probably is related to me having red hair. I love the color that was declared “The color of 2011” which is honeysuckle. Oddly enough, it’s a great rich pink color and looks fantastic on almost everyone.


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