Random Frivolity

I have one or two more serious subjects I'll be blogging about soon, but today I'm going to keep it light.

Light and breezy … just like a feminine hygiene commercial!

(Because none of us have enough of those in our lives, do we?)

I want to follow up on a few things from prior posts.

•  Thank you to one of my readers for suggesting I get a Saltwater Canvas beach bag for the summer.  I ordered one, and I'm eager to get my hands on it.  It should be arriving this week, and I can't wait to put it to use.

I'm particularly thrilled it's made out of mesh so it won't accumulate sand at the bottom.  Also, it has lots of pockets which will be just perfect for my wine opener suntan lotion.

•  Phoebe's babies are growing so fast!  She's gotten very protective of them, so I shot this photo with my 400mm lens instead of from inside the grotto:

And yes, I only see three babies.  I think, perhaps, the fourth didn't survive.  They're twelve days old now.  They're very crowded in their nest.  They have real wings and feathers.  I think they'll be learning to fly soon.  I'm still swimming in the pool each day, but I've been staying out of the grotto so Phoebe won't chirp like crazy stress out.

•  I recently read The Color of Water by James McBride.  I loved it and highly recommend it to those of you who haven't already read it.

•  Briefcase has been traveling nonstop, including weekends.  As a result, I've spent a few evenings getting caught up on movies via Netflix.  I'm always way behind everyone else on movies, but I've recently watched and enjoyed:

     1.  The King's Speech

     2.  The Illusionist

     3.  The Queen

     4.  Temple Grandin

     5.  Secretariat

•  My son, RC (the one in college), is home for the summer so I'm back to having two of my three kids in the house.  There's a lot of testosterone floating around my house.

•  Lastly, but most importantly – I want to thank all of you for being so supportive of me as I've worked my way through this recent pain flare-up.  I know I'm horrible about responding to comments, but I read every single one.  You are OFTEN the strength that gets me through my worst days … 

Thank you!!

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11 Responses to “Random Frivolity”

  1. Michelle

    The Color of Water would have to be one of my favorite books. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Jan

    Didn’t you LOVE The King’s Speech? I haven’t read The Color of Water – I’ll put it on my list of “things I really need to read.”

  3. Joanne

    This week I have been trying to work while in the worst sciatic flair up I can remember in years, and certainly the longest one. I favored my left leg so much, that the right one swelled at the ankle. I can finally smile, and walk erect again, yippee!

  4. Karl

    Loved “The King’s Speech.” Great flick. Haven’t read anything in a while…stupid ADD.

  5. Lisa

    We had a nest in our eaves last year and it was fun to watch the babies grow. This year the parent birds came back but something destroyed the nest and we didn’t get babies. Have fun bird watching!

  6. Missy

    Loved the Color of Water and read Unbreakable a couple of months ago and highly recommend it.
    It sounds as though you might be feeling a bit better???

  7. karen

    I love that bag!!…
    And I just moved my daughter home for the summer too, love having both kids in the house again.
    Hope you’re feeling much better…

  8. renata

    soumds like you are a bit better which is great! i recently flew to europe from Australia, i think i watched every movie thats out! I loved kings speech- Geoffery Rush is a fab actor, and Secretariat was beautiful, our house is also a constant flux of comings and goings, the chicks are growing fast, its too cool to swim here now, but the birds love it!

  9. linda

    I loved the color of water. Have you read glass castles?
    Temple Grandin was a lovely movie. Just finished a book called Swimming Naked written by Stacy Sims, moving on to Nebraska by the same writer. Loved swimming naked- highly reccomended.

  10. Anne Gibert

    So glad you are feeling better. I am feeling better too. I had some kind of strange arthritis of old age that made my whole body hurt.
    How nice to have your sons with you for a while.


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