Random Moments From The Twenty Four Household

It was kind of a strange weekend.

•  On Friday night, Nike came for a visit and we hung out at my house drinking wine and getting caught up.  She helped me with a couple things which required more than one working arm to do.  (I knew if I got her drunk enough I could get some work out of her!)

It's nice to have a friend you can greet while wearing ten year old yoga pants and a t-shirt.  It's even nicer when that friend shows up for an evening of wine-time in her sweats.

•  We had gray weather on Saturday; I woke up on Sunday to rain.


In The OC!

In May!

•  The mountains behind my house looked like this:


By noon the sun had come out and the day ended up being beautiful.

I know you've always wanted to see my chimney, haven't you?

•  Nothing evokes memories of my childhood summers more than the scent of star jasmine.  I have some planted near my patio and it makes me so happy to see it blooming.

I smell jasmine and I instantly think "summer on Catalina Island" because my family spent time there almost every summer when I was growing up.  We had jasmine in our own backyard when I was growing up too, but it doesn't seem to matter.  My brain associates jasmine with summers on the island.

•  RC is adjusting to summer vacation at home.  He landed a job with a prestigious company here in Orange County for the summer.  He's very excited.  The boss of the company told him the job was conditional on "his mom" not blogging about the company/the boss.  (I was floored, when RC informed me.)

It SO makes me want to blog about both.

But I won't, of course.

(For one thing, I have nothing to say about them.)

But really?

Ha ha ha ha!  (One of the odder/funnier moments since I began blogging!)

•  A bird flew into my kitchen, and then back out again on Sunday morning.  Our back door was open because the dogs were going in and out.  Someone on Twitter informed me it's good luck to have a bird fly into your house.  Personally, I was just glad the oven was closed.

•  Our canyon seems to be overflowing with wildlife this year, even more than usual.  There always seems to be a critter to watch when I find myself at home.  Of course, this also provides endless entertainment for our retrievers.


•  I've been finding myself self-censoring my writing lately on 24.  I think that's the problem with a larger readership.  No matter what I write, it seems I'm offending someone, somehow.  I'm tired of worrying about it.  I'm tired of feeling like I need to keep everything generic all the time.  I'm going back to being myself and (probably) offending people again.  

Get ready, get set ….

© Twenty Four At Heart

13 Responses to “Random Moments From The Twenty Four Household”

  1. Michelle

    I’ve enjoyed reading you…..but look forward to welcoming back the real, free 24 who writes as she wants to!

  2. Irish Gumbo

    Yep, that self-censoring stuff is a pickle. It can work at cross purposes with the idea of a personal blog; how to be true to you, yes?
    Those pictures are very nice. I dig canyons in the mist 🙂

  3. donna

    Write what you want…it’s YOUR blog.
    It’s so nice to have a friend who you can wear what you want and probably say what you want too. Real friends just like the real you.
    I’m so jealous of living in all that sun! It’s done nothing but rain here. And summering in Catalina? Ahhh! Really jealous there! How fun!

  4. Jan

    ROFLMAO – I see your reputation precedes you! I agree with Donna; it’s your blog, write what you want. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head and forcing them to read – if they’re offended, they can just skip it.
    LOVE the photo of your golden retriever, with the flowers in the foreground.

  5. Di

    Good for you for not censoring anymore! Your blog is what it is and readers just need to get over being so stinking sensitive. I’m sooooo tired of politically correct attitudes. People like that bore me.

  6. Judi

    My hubby grew up in OC but has never been to Catalina in all his 52 years – crazy! We’re rectifying that this summer, because one of the boat companies has a “go to Catalina free on your birthday” promotion and my bday is on a Saturday. Yippee!

  7. Liz Tee

    The self-censoring is a tough issue for me. Most of my “twelves” of original readers were (are?) friends and family, so there is a lot of stuff I can’t/won’t write about, although I am trying to be a little more open. I wish I had started an anonymous blog so I didn’t get stuck in the habit of censoring. Also LOL @ RT’s boss! 😉

  8. Missy

    Yeah! I will always love whatever you write though. But excited for the “wet my pants” kind of funny posts!

  9. Amy_in_Stl

    I sometimes don’t agree with what you post; but I don’t think I’ve ever been offended. But….even if I was – screw it! It’s not my blog; I can quit reading if you get me pissed. Blog away…it’s your place!

  10. Jo Anne

    Can’t wait to read the uncensored version of you. Bring it on babe.

  11. SparkleBella

    As a quiet but sincere follower of your blog, please look away from the boors who criticize and be as uncensored as pleases you! There are undoubtedly so many more of us that admire (and adore, if that isn’t too weird) your strength of spirit & humor, and are solid in your corner, than the naysayers who want to put a crimp in everyone’s style and take offense at pretty much anything. Fugeddaboudem! Life can only be full with a smorgasbord to sample. You rock the table.

  12. Crystal

    Ignore the offended parties or perhaps remind them this is your site to do with as you please. You offend away!!! You write whatever you want anytime you want because I will always read you!!


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