So I Guess I Collect Antique Cameras

Last week I showed you a photo of my new, actually very old, camera:

It isn't worth much, but it's old, funky, chic, and I love it.  It's from 1915 and it's a Kodak.

When I started looking for an antique camera, I hadn't really planned on getting it.  I had something else, entirely, in mind. 

I wanted an old plate camera.  

I wanted it to have red bellows.  (The bellows are the accordion-type part.)

Wouldn't you know, right after I found the Kodak pictured above, I found exactly what I had originally set out to purchase.

It's a Seroco camera from right around 1900.

It was love at first sight.


Love, love, love!

Yes, I fell in love with a material object.

Call me shallow.

It came with a full set of original plates.

Here's a look at the case it came in:


The plates are stored in the top half of the case.  The camera was stored on the bottom half.  (Obviously, the camera is not in the case in the above photo.)

Inside that little box on the bottom, are a few extra, old, funky, Burke & James lenses.

Have I mentioned I love old and funky?

As I age, I plan on being extremely old and funky myself.

(Except, I don't want to be funky-smelling, because funky-smelling isn't nearly as fun as just plain funky.)

But my story doesn't end there.

You wouldn't believe what happened next.

Someone pointed out an even older very rare, antique, even-more-funky, camera and said, "Omigod.You.Have.To.Take.It.Home.Or.You.Will.Never.See.One.Of.These.Again."

And …

Because I'm weak, or perhaps because I've been coming out of the depths of hell from my recent pain flare up …

Or perhaps because Briefcase has been gone for weeks and I was restless …

Or perhaps because I'm really weak ….

And also, maybe, because I got an amazing (!!) price on it …



I ended up giving a home to this 1890 Eastman Box Camera.

As you can see, the outside is really beat up.

But inside, if you look past the dust …


It's actually in very good shape.

And thus,

A collection of antique cameras has begun.

Do you collect anything?

And if so, what?

© Twenty Four At Heart

9 Responses to “So I Guess I Collect Antique Cameras”

  1. Neeroc

    Gorgeous! What wonderful finds and to be able to locate them one right after the other.
    I seem to accidentally collect the old Singer treadle sewing machines. Cameras would make so much more sense space-wise *g*
    My parents also accumulated the entire Wade/Red Rose figurines collection for me when I was younger.

  2. Jan

    I don’t collect anything as interesting as antique cameras! I have a nice collection of Jim Shore figurines, as well as Precious Moments figurines. And Santas and Snowmen, which take over my home at Christmas.

  3. Di

    Great camera, Suzanne. They say it’s not a collection until you three of an item. One more and you are a true camera collector. 🙂
    I like mid century vases.. Roseville, Red Wing, etc.

  4. Pam

    Great buys! That’s how it happens with collections. They all come out at once.
    Yes, I am a collector–old candy scales and old apothecary jars. And birdhouses… I love finding them.
    Enjoy your new collection. I have a feeling that you’ll be finding more. 🙂

  5. donna

    I have one that was my grandmothers…looks very much like your first pic. I treasure that thing! Yours are great!!

  6. linda

    Oh you are in so much trouble now:) Everybody & their sister will be sending you old (and not cool funky ones either) cameras, LOL!!!
    I do love the old cameras you’ve shown us though. Do you know if any of them work? HA! even if they do where would you get the film developed? Hmmm…Briefcase? I think there is a darkroom in your future:)

  7. Lisa

    Oh wow, those are so cool! I don’t collect anything anymore because I’m trying very hard to pare down the “stuff” I keep, but I seem to have a bit if a camera bag problem. I’m hoping there’s a 12-step program for that.

  8. Amy_in_Stl

    Back in the late 80s, I started collecting Brownie or Box cameras. I think I have five or six. Then I moved around a few times and the last few I saw at garage sales were way too expensive to buy. Although why anyone needs more than five of those dusty little boxes, I don’t know. I also have a Polaroid Land camera that mom bought for me at a garage sale. It’s very 70s funky with the plastic case. I hear you can actually use the box cameras, since most of them can take roll film.


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