Summer Shopping

I rarely shop.

Around the holidays I shop for everyone else.

This time of year, I pick up a few things for myself.

I wear "summer" clothes pretty much year round due to the climate here.  This is the time of year when all the warm weather stuff is in the stores so I stock up.

Today, I thought I'd do two things.

First, I'm going to ask for your help with a few items I'm searching for but have yet to find.

Second, I'm going to show you a couple items I've already picked up for the summer.

What I'm Looking For:

1.  A great summer handbag.  Requirements:  Not so cheap it falls apart, not outrageously expensive.  (I'll probably only use it for one season.)  Must have pockets for my phone, etc.  I like bags with pockets so everything doesn't get lost.  It also shouldn't be heavy – I can't carry heavy bags with my bum arm.  It must look fresh and summer-y-ish.

2.  A comfortable sandal with a reasonable heel.  I don't wear four inch heels.  I want a shoe I can walk in, but one that is nicer than a super casual flat sandal.  I have a lot of casual flat sandals.  I want something a little dressier, with a heel, but still California casual.  If I can slip it on and off, I will be thrilled.

3.  A casual, flowing, long dress for Hawaii.  Something flattering I can throw on to lounge around in for the evenings after a day at the beach.  I have big boobs, I can't wear halter dresses.  In fact, big boobs make a lot of dresses difficult – I don't want to look like a cow just because I'm well endowed.

4.  The perfect carry on/travel bag.  I have a few long distance trips coming up.  I will probably end up checking one big bag, but I want to find the perfect bag to carry on with me.  It needs to fit my laptop, my kindle, my phone, travel necessities, etc.  Rollers would be ideal with my arm constraints, but I want it to be small enough to fit under my seat on a plane so I have easy access to the contents while flying.  Is there some type of tote bag with pop out rollers?  I'm willing to spend more if I can find the perfect item.  Making travel easy with my bum arm is a top priority.

5.  Shorts I don't look terrible in.  (There's really nothing more I can add, is there?  I'm looking for a miracle!)

6.  The perfect beach bag.  This is going to be filled with sand by the first day end of summer.  I want it big enough to hold a beach towel or two, and pockets are a must to protect my phone, etc. from the elements.

What I've Already Picked Up:

1.  Flat sandals for hanging out in.  I mainly wear my super-casual Rainbows around home, but sandals are an art form in Orange County.  I wear them year round and like to have several pairs in my closet to go with anything/everything.

I couldn't decide which color:

I bought both.

They were under $25.00, are super comfortable, and I'll be slipping them on as I run out the door to PR's baseball games for the next twelve months.

I also picked up these:

I like the neutral color, and the added bling make them fun.

2.  Tie Back Tank.  I bought this cute, comfy, shirt from Anthropologie
with Hawaii in mind but I'll wear it all summer.

I imagine I'll be throwing it on over my swimsuit at the beach, at the pool, etc.

As you can see, there are more things on my "Need To Get" list than on my "Already Have" list.

Have you already picked up any summer items?

Do you have any suggestions for me?

I can use all the help I can get!


Your Not-So-Girly Friend

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9 Responses to “Summer Shopping”

  1. Amy in StL

    Definitely check out the Vera Bradley bags. I like that they’re washable and yet durable. I’m sure there’s a store there that carries them; but you can also order on their website. The Villager is my favorite.
    My new favorite shoes are Uggs. Not the boots. The Ugg Hazel is an awesome comfortable wedge that’s flattering and I love telling folks they’re Uggs.
    For shorts, check out Target. I got some great longer shorts there last year; they’re not tight through the thighs, but not baggy either.

  2. Jan

    I’m sorry, but I am NO help – I loathe shopping as much as you do. But if I see something (which, honestly, probably won’t happen), I’ll let you know.

  3. Di

    Love that third pair of sandals even though they have the thingie between the toes that bug me. They’re cute. Wish I had the answers for you with the other items but I just haven’t purchased any of those items lately… even though summer is just around the corner here. Listen to Amy. Sounds like she’s been shopping and has some answers for you.

  4. Michelle

    You know, I didn’t even notice they weren’t a pair in the first picture. I just thought, how cute! Must be bedtime here. 🙂

  5. Katherine

    Your list looks very close to my list – I’m always looking for the same things, come summer. I love the sandals you chose…very pretty!

  6. Brenda

    I got a couple great things at Marshalls. Don’t know if they have them where you live. They have really nice purses, designer at a discount prices so you get more for your money. I also got some cute shorts at Kohls. Shop in the women’s dept. not juniors, they are cut better for us older women who still want to feel young and be fashionable. As for shoes, I am having a tough time too this year, but think I found what I wanted at Payless shoes, a wedge but not to high shoe to slip in and out of. Happy Summer!

  7. Karen in Texas

    I’m with Brenda in that I love to shop Marshall’s and Kohl’s and normally find some pretty good deals. One place that I’ve seen some nice items in recently is JC Penney. I haven’t been to one in years and have been a few times recently with my sister.
    One item I can recommend that I purchased last year is the pursket ( I love all the pockets and it allows me to purchase cool purses that don’t have all the pockets I need. I have three of them in three different sizes and I love them.

  8. Kate D.

    I have a saltwater canvas beach bag . The wahale is huge and stands up on its own. It is mess so most sand goes through it and doens’t collect. Lots of pockets. I grabbed a cheapo makeup bag a CVS that I use to toss money, phone and keys in and then it goesin one of the pockets.


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