Summer, Summer, Summer!

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Oh, how I love warm weather!

We've had a bleh cold front here lately and it has made me SO restless for summer.

(I also find myself thinking about our upcoming trip to Hawaii with much anticipation.  We didn't take a vacation last year which has made me doubly eager to go on one this year.)

Warm-weather-living is an art form here.

I thought I'd share a few summer-related things I love today.

•  I love, love, love this Lands End beach towel:


It's big, it's soft, it's durable – it will last for years.  (They also make great gifts for teens anyone.)  If you swim daily, beach frequently, or just love plush beach towels, this is a great pick.  Even better – pick one up when they go on sale which is what I always do.

•  "Everyone" in The OC is wearing Tom's Shoes:

They've been around for awhile, but their popularity here is at full-fledged epidemic proportion right now.  So ugly, they're cute …?  They're trendy, but not expensive and every pair purchased leads to one pair of shoes being donated to a child in need.  That's right – you get to feel good about your shoe habit!

(Don't order them online though – you can try on five pairs in the same size and get vastly different fits.  No two pair ever seem to fit the same. ) 

And yes, the pair I have are very comfortable!

•  Tommy Bahama makes some cute summer bags and totes.  This one, with its leather handle, makes me daydream about strolling island shops.

So cute!

Wouldn't that look nice on my arm?

Your arm?

Someone's arm?

•  I don't discuss it much on my blog, but I'm a melanoma survivor.  As much as I love the sun, I'm always very careful with sun protection.  I'm a fan of the company Sun Precautions.  (I originally learned about them from a doctor.)  When I'm out with my camera, by the pool, or at the beach – I almost always have their Women's Big Shirt draped over whatever I'm wearing.  


It's huge, it provides 30+ SPF, and for years it (or one of their other cover-ups) has always been with me.  

•  Speaking of sun protection, I hate hats.  They make me hot, they give me hat hair, they make my head sweat.  

There's only one hat I've ever liked.  Nike forced me to buy it years ago right after my melanoma diagnosis.  It's a Helen Kaminski hat.  It travels really well, stays cool in the hottest weather, and looks great too.  I've worn it for years and years.

I balked at the cost initially (Kaminski hats are not cheap), but Nike insisted it would be worth it and she was right.  Nike is always right.  It's the only hat I've ever needed and it has held up great for (I think?) eight plus years of year-round use.

I don't think they still make the exact hat I have, but they have plenty of other cute ones. 

In fact, as I was getting their link for you, I noticed this one:


How chic is that?

And yes, the one pictured above is expensive …



•  Need a good tote for traveling this summer?

Well, here's another tip from my friend Nike.  She's carried the same Baggalini tote bag with her while traveling for ten years!  It's still in great condition.  They've got so many choices of bags, there's bound to be one you like.  (And their prices are very reasonable!)

I don't know if the bag Nike owns is still available, but I think this one looks perfect for a long flight:


It's called an "Only Bag."  I'm not sure yet, but it might be the only bag I carry onto the plane with me this summer.

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5 Responses to “Summer, Summer, Summer!”

  1. Jan

    I’d buy those beach towels…if we ever went to the beach. *sigh*

  2. Tiffany

    I’ve never heard of that sun clothing. Sounds really good for gardening too.

  3. Melanie

    I think I sawa that hat in in style magazine? Is it the same one? Did you see that? I love hats!

  4. Amy_in_Stl

    I have to admit those hats are cute. I’ve been looking for a cute hat that doesn’t make me sweat, so I’ll have to see if I can find them locally to try on. Some hats don’t look good on me.


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