Wanting Opinions (Please!)

I took a photo a couple weeks ago.

You're shocked, aren't you?

I love it for assorted reasons and I'm considering having it framed.

(I, honestly, don't have photos plastered everywhere in my house – I swear.)

I processed the photo first with a faded, vintage, feel to it.


The nice thing about the photo, in color, is you can clearly see the water behind the bike.  You know the photo was shot by the ocean.

Even though I took this photo in Orange County, it reminds me (very much) of my college days in Santa Barbara when a bike was my main mode of transportation.

(By the way, I had a man approach me as I was taking the above photo wanting to know WHY I was taking it.  He asked ask me a zillion questions.  I don't think he could wrap his brain around the fact I was interested in something like empty flip flops sitting by an old bike.)

Next, I processed the photo again.  This time I used black and white, but added a vintage tint.


Overall, I think I like the black and white photo more.

But …

Can you tell the black and white is at the beach?

Should I go with color?

Which do you like better?


I need help!


Thank you, in advance!

P.S.  For the wall I'm considering hanging it on, it doesn't make any difference if I go with color or not.

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26 Responses to “Wanting Opinions (Please!)”

  1. Karen

    I love this image too… and I have to tell you, the black and white reminds me a little of the dirty city beaches I used to live near… I like the one with some color much more, only for that reason. You can remove more of the color, leaving just a hint of it, if you are more partial to the black & white.. see what that looks like.. but if I were editing this photo I’d leave even just a little of the color. Ofcourse that’s only me and all of your images are stunning. I want to take a course from you!

  2. tonya cinnamon

    to be honest i love the first one with old color. it reminds me so much of the past days when i was young 🙂
    it stands out more . the b/w is nice but doesn’t quite give that feel to it like the other one does 🙂

  3. Dana

    I agree with the other posters, I like the color one too. But, regardless, it’s a great pic. You really are a great photographer.

  4. KirstyB

    Go with the color…you lose the water in the background with the black and white processing! Love the photo!! 😀

  5. Erica

    I like the color picture. It’s warmer. I can tell the owner of the flip flops is coming back.

  6. Jan

    I have to chime in with the majority here. While I love black-and-white photography, I think for this, the color shot is better.

  7. Suzanne Y.

    If you are trying to evoke a beachy feel – I’d go with the color as well.

  8. WebSavvyMom

    –>I love the one with color. It’s easier to tell you’re at the beach vs. a city park.

  9. Liz Tee

    I agree with the masses. The color definitely has the beach feel to it, the b&w doesn’t.

  10. Missy

    Agree with the group sentiment. I would also like to see the original in full color.

  11. Denise ;)

    color….luv the details of the reflector, black specks in the concrete, green in the grass…..yep, color is my choice. Of course my mood desires COLOR in my life. 😉

  12. Denise ;)

    color….luv the details of the reflector, black specks in the concrete, green in the grass…..yep, color is my choice. Of course my mood desires COLOR in my life. 😉

  13. Linda

    Color. I really like it a lot. Definitely have the B&W available on your website. I can see the B&W as note cards:)

  14. Di

    Color please… Don’t rob your eye of seeing the water in the background.

  15. Siren

    Is it cheating to sort of mute the orange of the reflector on the back of the pedal in the color one? (I know it’s probably not called “muting” but okay, I don’t know anything about photography except the part about how you’re supposed to hold your breath when you click the button so the picture will be in focus.) What I’m trying to say is I like the first picture better except for the fact that my eye keeps, like, ZOOMING in on that orange reflector.

  16. dogmother

    I’m partial to B/W, but I must admit, I love them both! Get one of each…hang color pic for a while, then B/W. They both speak differently to whomever is viewing the photo.

  17. Neeroc

    I’m adding another vote for colour (except I spell it with a ‘u’ *g*)

  18. renata

    i like both, but like colour a bit more will send you a copy of it tweeked a bit, see what you think!

  19. Alexis (from MN)

    Hi Suzanne,
    Don’t know if you’re still interested in opinions….but….sorry, I was busy getting officially older! (my b-day’s the 28th!)
    Personally, I prefer the b&w. You can tell sand is involved but not necessarily that it’s at the beach or anyplace in particular which leaves the mind free to wander……travel…..imagine……
    which is as I like it……
    Hope you have a memorable time with you family enjoying your freedoms!


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