Who Has The Cigars?

Last Wednesday evening, Phoebe's four eggs hatched.

She promptly discarded the egg shells in our pool.

I took this photo within two hours after they hatched.

Can you even tell they're birds?  They look like four fuzzy blobs.


By Saturday afternoon they were three days old and looked like this:

I can only see two beaks in the above photo, but there are four babies in the nest.  They're just huddled in such a way, all four beaks aren't visible.

Phoebe and her mate have been very busy feeding them.

I check on them every day when I swim.

How long do you think it will take until they actually look like birds?

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8 Responses to “Who Has The Cigars?”

  1. Maggie

    I think within a week they’ll look much more bird like. So cool that you get to watch them grow!

  2. Joanne

    it must be early for me…. I am wondering what has this post to do with cigars?? then DUHR…. babies, cigars, oh I get it now.
    Sometimes I wonder how I find my way home at night!

  3. donna

    So fun to watch nature like this! We have had many nests that we’ve watched over the years too, with different results. Hope your little guys do well….enjoy!

  4. Denise

    Nice that you get to see the nest. Our Phoebe has her nest up high on the beam at the front of our house, tucked under the eave.

  5. gd

    Congratulations on the quads!!! Thanks for the update.

  6. Anne Gibert

    I bet you can practically see them get feathers and get bigger in real time. Some birds have two nests full a summer. Soon at my feeders there will be baby birds as big as their parents squawking to be fed.


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