Charmed, I’m Sure

I'm having a few technical difficulties on this end.

While I'm trying to resolve them, I'll share a few more photos from the historic area of Crystal Cove.

Yesterday, I mentioned there are several quaint beach cottages from the 1920's – 1930's at the park.  Many of them have been renovated and are available as vacation rentals.


The steps lead right to the sand, of course.


Enchanting, cozy, fun ….

As much as I'd love a big, huge, kitchen and endless closets, I think I could be very happy in a small beach bungalow.  

Very happy!

I was immediately enamored with the deck on this one:

Here is the same cottage from a different angle …

Used brick steps, surfboards used as decorations, oars on the wood shingle sides, hot guy naked on the balcony …



I was just checking to see if you're awake!

When you go down the stairs of these particular cottages, you find yourself here:


And if you go on the other side of the cute wood fence ….


You're in heaven.

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9 Responses to “Charmed, I’m Sure”

  1. Karen

    Oooh, I just love it there!!!…. great pictures, last one is awesome.

  2. jeane

    Oh no! Definitely smitten by that. Everything really looked amazing. The stairs,deck everything. Simplicity, relaxing and inviting, oh me gawwd I must go there or else I’ll never have the same thing for beaches anymore. 🙂

  3. Deidre

    Wow how beautiful! I am not sure I could give up my dream of a big kitchen though. But who needs closet space?

  4. Jan

    A huge, big kitchen isn’t an option for me, I’m afraid – I could get a quaint little bungalow that’s half kitchen, yes?
    That last pic just soothes my soul, girl.

  5. Jan

    That didn’t sound right – I guess I should say a huge, big kitchen is a *requirement* for me.
    Statements about bungalows and photos – soooooooothing – still stand. :^P

  6. Missy

    I was playing Where’s Waldo to find hot naked guy! I love you!

  7. gina

    I am pretty much going to that kind of heaven when I die. Naked guy and all.

  8. steph

    will you (pretty please) put the 5th picture (the one with the beach chairs and umbrella) on your photo site? i love it and want it (since, you know, i can’t pack up and move there).
    i don’t know if there are some pictures that you prefer not to sell, so if that’s the case, just tell me to bug off 🙂
    enjoy the weekend!


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