Day Two of Fasting

Well, today's the day I get a camera up the ass.

(Around 2ish this afternoon, if you want to know details!)

I suppose it's only fitting for someone who is as obsessed by photography as I am.

Thank you for all the helpful, and hilarious, comments yesterday.

I, literally, used your ideas for a shopping trip both to the drugstore and the grocery store.

I will try to get at least a one liner post up tomorrow letting you know I'm FINE.

Which I am, and will be.

(Although, I have been gagging down the prep stuff they make you drink.  OMG!  I don't even like to drink water.  Why isn't there a pill you can just take to accomplish the same thing?  UGH! I have to drink FOUR LITERS, a gallon, of it.  Worst.Thing.Ever!)

In other news, I stopped by to see my friends at the plastic surgery office yesterday.  (I needed more eye cream, and I buy it there.)  It was a full on hug-fest when I saw everybody.

"Twenty Four's here, let's stop working and have a party!"

I love those people, I really do.


Almost every time I stop in they ask me if I want to be a guinea pig for the latest and greatest magic beauty trick.

It's fun!

(And yes, they benefit when I write about my experiences because publicity from someone who loves and respects them is a good thing.  Their office is so busy though, it isn't like they NEED me to write about them.)

Anyway, I'm going to attend their staff meeting next Tuesday (unless some unforeseen something interferes with my plans).  They're going to be reviewing and learning about some new STUFF and I'm going to be learning right along with them.

And yes, I've already agreed to be a guinea pig for some of this new STUFF down the road.  I'm not even quite sure what I agreed to, but when I find out I'll let you know.  I do know it's non-surgical.  

When the time comes, I'll also write quite honestly about whatever they end up doing to me.  (As you'll recall, they let me be a guinea pig for Zerona treatment and I was not impressed and told you so.)  

Sadly enough, they haven't yet offered me an "extreme makeover."

While I was at the office yesterday, they zapped a little red spot I've had on my face for a good ten years.  Just ZAPPED it with a laser and it was gone.


(And no, I wasn't asked to pay for it.  And no, I wasn't asked, or expected, to write about it.  And no, I didn't have an appointment to do it.  This is just what happens whenever I walk in to visit.  It took all of a millisecond.)

Also, a woman was waiting for an appointment.  I had never met her before, and still have no idea who she was.  She looked at me as I walked through the waiting area and out of the blue she said, "They're going to have to drag me kicking and screaming to old age."

Ha ha!

THAT is Orange County in a nutshell!

In any case, I'll keep you updated as I learn more about whatever it is I'll be doing with them.

In the meantime, I'll be hanging out at Camp Bathroom until later today.

I have, literally, set up everything I need to entertain myself for hours in there.  I'm nothing, if not a multi-tasker.

Sheesh, aren't you proud to know me?

P.S.  If you leave me a comment saying hello and/or delurking today it will give me something to read while I'm, ahem, sitting around!  : )

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10 Responses to “Day Two of Fasting”

  1. Pam

    You know people pay to have things stuck up there? Oh hang on, so are you. But they do it for fun – promise me you won’t have any fun tomorrow, 24!

  2. Alexis (from MN)

    Been there done that….with a portable DVD player on my knees while on the loo. Don’t have a clue what I watched. Probably something I have a series of…..couldn’t really focus anyways. The procedure itself?? Don’t remember it at all. So – that’s good I think.
    It’s a good thing to get done if for no other reason then they have a baseline of what your innards look like….kinda sorta.
    Sending positive energy and faith-filled prayers your way woman! Looking forward to having this in your rearview mirror!

  3. Jenny in Mn now in AZ

    Good luck with the expelling process. It is much more difficult than the procedure. Done the routine 3 times. Had my 1st one done when I was 19…we did use pills back then and some other drink stuff – but a small amount of it and can you say cramps? So, as terrible as the stuff is that you have to drink – the result is…chaos, but less pain than the pill method.
    Hope the procedure results are all good! Remember to take it easy afterwards and sleep off the drugs. You’ll probably be wanting to have some of the amnesia meds in a to go cup – after you realize how nice and sleepy you are and how it takes away pain. 🙂

  4. Di

    I got VERY sick when I had to drink that stuff for my colonoscopy prep, and they told me that next time I could have a shot….. so there is a different method but for some reason they prefer giving that liquid crap…

  5. Jo Anne

    Good luck with your procedure. I had this done a number of years ago and the worst part was the prep. The procedure was so nothing and I remember none of it. I do remember that I was F.A.M.I.S.H.E.D after and HAD to have fettucini Alfredo–go figure. Will keep good thoughts as they probe your bottom.

  6. Jan

    I camped out on the loo, too, with that disgusting, vile swill they force on you. I didn’t get up; I just chugged it on schedule and sat in there with a book. Beloved came in periodically to make fun of, er, check on me.
    I’m sure you wanted to know that.

  7. Liz Tee

    Eventually you will run out of shit, then water, then you’ll be clean as a whistle! 😉 I’m sure you’ll get a gold star on your test today.

  8. Kay

    It really isn’t a big deal having that done. I did many years ago and thought it was cool to see on the screen. And the drugs they used then were awesome and made me kind of loopy but I was awake. No amnesia medicine though. Everything will be just fine!


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