Feathers In My Hair

* I still don't have a computer.  It makes it very difficult to get photos uploaded.  Today's photos were taken with my iPhone. *

It's apparently a very bad year to be a rooster.

Hair stylists in Orange County are paying $300 for small, minimum, orders of rooster feather hair extensions to adorn people with.

These same feather hair extensions are selling out within minutes of becoming available.  Feathers are very in right now.  I suppose we have Steven Tyler (from the band Aerosmith and this season's American Idol) to thank for that.

Yesterday, I walked into my usual salon for a haircut.

The salon always displays/sells trendy jewelry in their waiting area.


It's mainly all feather jewelry right now.

Feather necklaces and feather bracelets …

And also feather earrings:


I decided to have my hair styled a little shorter this time, with lots of choppy layers for summer.  It came out cute and sassy.  I think it will be a fun cut for the warm weather.  I can blow dry it straight, or scrunch it up with a little styling gel right out of the shower and get on with my day.

Just as I was about to leave, my stylist suggested I add a feather extension to my hair.  She pulled out bright fuschia pink, turquoise blue, and purple striped rooster feathers.  She explained a feather extension would last for about three months.

I was tempted.

I love to play with my hair and I especially like to do fun things with it in the summer.  (Some of you'll recall, I've put pink, purple and even blue streaks in my blonde hair from time to time.)

I told her I'm definitely up for a bright color or two a little later in the summer.  (Perhaps right before BlogHer in August to help make me more identifiable in the crowd.)

I had a huge parent, high school sponsored, banquet to attend last night though and I didn't want to be quite so BRIGHT for it.  (I think I've already been labeled as "the creative type," as it is.)

"I've got just the thing," she replied. 

And she did …. 

It's subtle and I can easily hide it in my hair when I don't want to show it off.  The rest of the time, it adds a little bit of fun to my life.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with feather extensions, you can wash and style your hair just the same as you always do when wearing them.  They last around three months, and can be adjusted during that time period to coincide with the growth of your hair.

Later in the day, a friend told me she has an aunt who's 85 years old and just got several feather extensions "which look fabulous."

"I'll be that woman when I'm 85," I commented a bit sheepishly.

"That's why I love you," was the reply.

I smiled.

After all, why not have fun?

It's just hair ….

Or in this case, feathers.

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12 Responses to “Feathers In My Hair”

  1. Karen

    HUH.. haven’t heard of that around here on the East Coast yet… but I do remember the big feather earring that were so popular in the 80’s.

  2. LPC

    My brother’s fiance wanted feathers for her belt and headpiece, when they got married. They were told, “Steven Tyler has inflated the prices and caused scarcity.” Ha!

  3. Haley

    I have been wanting them for soooo long! But they’ve swept the entire country, too, I’m in Ohio and since I decided I wanted them, I’ve run into probably 50+ people who have them. 🙂
    It looks good on you though! Just don’t read any articles about what they do to the roosters after they take the feathers, it may break your heart!

  4. SailorMoon

    Cute….so, should I be out here chasing all my hispanic neighbors roosters down and plucking feathers and sending them to California to get rich??? I could use the money real bad…single mom of 3 here. Hmmm.
    It is cute though. Love it!!

  5. yvonne nc

    Want. Like Karen I remember the 80’s feather craze. Earrings, hair clips, etc. Wonder if I still have them?

  6. Denise

    Pretty, but if you read about it, you will find that they are breeding the birds for this purpose and then euthanizing them after they produce their tail feathers. Yet another practice of celebrities encouraging animal use/abuse for the sake of fashion. I’m not a fan. I would rather find something synthetic or skip it altogether.

  7. Kensi

    I have no idea where you read that, but I’m a hair stylist and I can tell you that the “feathers” are usually human hair extensions colored to look like feathers….

  8. Mimi

    uhhh no Denise the feathers are definitely NOT human hair dyed to look like feathers …… ebay feather and you will get solid validation – i have been designing feather earrings for years and the cost has more quadrupled in the last 6months —-


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