First Day of Summer

Yesterday was, officially, the first day of summer.

It was also the last day school was in session for my youngest son.

He needed to leave the house at 7 a.m. for his Spanish final exam.  (His last final before summer break.)

I needed to leave the house at 9:30 a.m. to pick him up afterwards.  (In case you're wondering, his exam schedule gave me enough time to take a shower, shampoo, and do a few chores before leaving to pick him up.)  We went out to breakfast to celebrate a good school year, and then he was off to a beach party with friends.

Of course, I had to drive him to the beach party.

(For some strange reason, I was not invited to stay.  Such a shame!  It was a beautiful day at the beach.  I don't know why a 16 year old boy would not want his mom lurking around a teen party with her telephoto lens?)

In fact, all I did yesterday was drive, drive, drive.

And I was eager for summer to arrive?

How quickly we moms forget …!

There were other signs of summer yesterday too.

My car thermometer eventually got as high as 95.  

Summer has officially arrived.

In an effort to start the summer off right, I took my camera into a Canon service center yesterday for a professional cleaning.  It was way overdue.  I wanted to make sure the sensor was spotless (dustless?) before our Hawaii vacation in a few weeks.

You know what they told me?

I've, so far, taken almost 30,000 photos with my "new" camera.  (They "read" the shutter and it's so smart, it tells them.)



The one armed, bionic woman!

(Speaking of, yesterday someone googled "one-armed photographer" and Google sent them to me.  Isn't that very smart of Google?)

The thought of taking thirty thousand photos is staggering.

And at the same time, quite a feat.

It made me think back to when Medical Professionals told me I would never be able to hold a full size camera again.  It brought back memories of their insistence I give up my passion.

In fact, in their minds it wasn't even up for debate …

Photography was an impossibility for me.  

It's almost been five years since the accident, and I've taken 30,000 photos in the last year and a half.

I wonder how many more I will take just this summer?

I feel oddly proud.

And so very … accomplished.

I feel like I've defied the odds.


Take THAT Medical Professionals!

It has been a fight every step of the way, but so worth it.

Thirty thousand photos and counting …


© Twenty Four At Heart

13 Responses to “First Day of Summer”

  1. karen

    Good for you! I always wonder why Doctors would EVER put a limit on what you can do… people defy the odds all the time so why put a wet blanket on their hopes and dreams?….

  2. Pam

    Absolutely: good for you! That’s the spirit, no mistake.
    Nice, too, to think that in the last 18 months you’ve seen 30,000 sights you’ve wanted to record. As ever, it’s all about attitude.

  3. Joanne

    I had a bad car accident when I had just completed my training for hairstyling. The ortho’s told me I would NEVER be able to stand all day. That was thirty five+ years ago, and today I have a 12 hour “hair” day on tap. Sometimes I think there are doctors who dont like to see people recover.
    anyway….. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  4. Di

    Fabulous! And how many of the 30,000 did you delete? LOL Oh, me oh my. I wonder myself how many I have deleted too.
    Oh, and thanks for the reminder that my Rebel could use a good cleaning too.

  5. Suzanne Y.

    Sometimes I wonder if doctors tell you “you can’t, you won’t, etc” as some sort of weird challenge or a way to just make matters worse. Doctors told us our daughter (who is special needs) would not live a year, and that it would be a pretty horrible year at that. She will be 19 in September and walks, runs, shops, texts, knits, swims, has a JOB at JC Penney’s and chatters incessantly to everyone. Ahem…care to revise your statement Stanford Children’s Hospital?
    Like you, this makes me so proud. I can’t help but think every day she does these things she’s giving those prognosticators the finger!
    You go girlfriend! Looking forward to the next 30,000 pictures!

  6. Dana

    How fantastic!!!!!! I like saying a big FU to the people in our lives that tell us we can’t do something. Be proud of your accomplishment, b/c it’s awesome!

  7. Holli

    Congratulations! Not only have you taken 30,000 photos but the quality of your photos is breathtaking. Give yourself a pat on the back for never giving up!

  8. Jan

    You. Are. Awesome.
    Take that, Medical Professionals indeed!
    I love you, and here’s to another 30,000 photographs. 🙂

  9. Linda

    Go 24! And never let another person define you. I think we do enough self limiting without external limits!

  10. Amy_in_Stl

    I thought of you last week when my shoulder/back pain was back. I was in a not serious at all car accident back in 2008. A lady didn’t stop for a light and ran into the rear of my car. I didn’t think it was a big deal then, but for the past three years I’ve had pain on and off…. Last week it was bad enough that I couldn’t lift my arm up to wash my hair or blow dry it. It made me wonder how you do it every day. Does it take you a lot longer to get ready? I was late to work several days until I could get a massage to loosen things up.


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