I get asked, all the time, what are those purple trees called?

"Those purple trees" are called jacarandas and they're everywhere in Orange County.  (In fact, I wrote about them a couple years ago when I first began blogging.)

Usually the jacarandas bloom in May here, but we've had a cooler than normal year and they're gorgeous right now.

I was driving through North County earlier this week and I decided to park and take a few photos for you.

I love the dark trunks and branches in contrast with the purple flowers.


I used to have a jacaranda tree in my backyard, but it had to be removed when we put in our pool.  It went to a good home.  And no, I'm not joking … we had it carefully moved so it would survive.

It's okay though, because I see jacarandas everywhere I go.

Jacaranda trees line many of the streets here.

They're pretty messy trees.

I think the petals on the ground are pretty though.

They're like pieces of purple confetti strewn everywhere.

Jacarandas really are beautiful, majestic, trees.

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11 Responses to “Jacarandas”

  1. Michelle

    Jacarandas are one of my favourite trees. I don’t have the space in my yard, but I do know where one is that I can stalk.

  2. Di

    Lots of jacarandas in Arizona too and I miss seeing their great purple color along the streets. Oh well… we have many other flowering trees here in Virginia to ooh and aah at…. BUT, the jacarandas were just very special.

  3. Jan

    Oooooo – those are lovely! They remind me of the crepe myrtles that are all over everywhere down south.
    I LOVE the photo of the petals on the ground.

  4. sandi

    One of my favorite things about living here! I am a purple fan and nine months after we moved to the OC all these trees turned purple…. I knew I had found my forever home!

  5. Neeroc

    Wow those are gorgeous! I love seeing the pure beauty from other parts and places.

  6. Anne Gibert

    Those gorgeous pictures brought back memories of my youth. I used to love seeing the jacarandas bloom in Tampa when I lived there.

  7. Grace

    My kids and I were just talking about the jacaranda trees this morning on the drive to school. In AZ, the flowers would last maybe a week or two before disintegrating in the heat. But here in SoCal? They’ve been blooming for weeks now.

  8. Pam

    They line the streets in our old Long Beach neighborhood. It was so beautiful when they would bloom. I sure miss them! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing some great pictures.

  9. Judi

    I was so happy the jacarandas were still blooming during the conference I just finished hosting with almost 200 people from all over the world. Everyone commented on how lovely they are.


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