More About The Fire – Because THAT’S An Original Title For A Post, Isn’t It?

So, I hope you don't mind but I thought having our house almost burn down was worthy of more than just one post ….

While Briefcase was using a hose to spray down the perimeter of our yard, and my sons threw bucket after bucket of pool water over our fence line,

I took photos.

I didn't just take photos.  I called 911 first, I made sure everyone in my family was safe.  I did responsible adult/parent things.

And then?

I took photos.

The shots I'm sharing with you today are not necessarily in the order they were taken.

First, a look at the fire in the brush right behind my house:


We got a lot more rain than usual this year, but the brush lit up like a tinderbox.

And yes, the fire was deliberately set by a couple assholes.

Next, is a photo of one of the first firemen to arrive.  He jumped the fence, and brought the fire hose from one of the engines in front of our house.  (That's a long, long, ways!)  The firemen told us they had just practiced a "long hose drill" that morning.

Ok ladies, no dirty jokes.

But it was nice to know they pulled out their long hoses for me.

Ahem ….

I think he wants to save me.

Saaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvve me Mr. Hot Fireman!

Ahem … just kidding.

(I joke now, but my heart was pounding with fear at the time of the fire … and actually, for quite awhile even after I knew we were going to be fine.)


Teamwork … it was awesome to watch!

In the above photo, the wind had shifted away from our house.  You can see the black, burned area, behind the firemen.

Awhile later, it shifted back towards us and the fire started traveling up the hill toward us.

The fire helicopter was critical then.

The pilot flew through smoke over and over again, to get water from our lake.


He brought the helicopter down and hovered just a few feet above the lake.

The yellow fire hose hanging down from the helicopter sucked up massive quantities of water.  (The water goes into a holding tank in the helicopter.)

And then, time and time again, the helicopter dropped water on the fire.

Our lake is often used as a water source during wildfires.

This is the first time it's been used to save us/our home.

Have I mentioned all the firemen who helped us last weekend are the most awesome people in the world?

Because they are.

© Twenty Four At Heart

12 Responses to “More About The Fire – Because THAT’S An Original Title For A Post, Isn’t It?”

  1. Di

    Living in a forest I worry about this kind of stuff all summer long. All it takes is one idiot and POOF… all goes up like a tinder box. So glad all turned out for the best at your home! Scary stuff to say the least, and awesome photos I might add!

  2. Elaine Tyler

    OH MY GOSH. What a scary thing to have happen, but what tremendous photographs you got! I’ll bet the Fire Department would be proud as punch to have some of those. How I wish I could figure out ALL the settings and gadgets on my camera so I’d know what I’m doing. But these photos you just took are priceless….
    Glad you are safe!

  3. Jo Anne

    OMG–how harrowing—I cannot even imagine having the presence of mind to take even one photo. They are beautiful–but at what cost. I am hoping/praying they will find the assholes who started this. How lucky that you and your family were home to get this nipped in the bud. I love all the photos and if you want to show more I am good with that. lol. Take care and glad all are safe.

  4. Jan

    Ahem – if Mr. Hot Fireman saves you, do you think you could find out if he has an equally hot and heroic friend/counterpart in northeast Ohio? Thanks!

  5. Missy

    I hope you will follow up with the arson part of the story. I would love to know the details if they catch the firebugs!

  6. Judi

    Firemen are awesome. Whenever I’m baking for a holiday, I make extra and walk it up the street to the firemen on duty (and remind them that I live just up the street – lol).

  7. Trina

    I am so happy you are all OK. On a side note~~ Don’t ya just love a man in turnout gear~ I know mine can get me going by just putting his coat on and walking in the room.

  8. Robert O

    lets just call the firefighters what they are…..HEROIC

  9. LPC

    Woman! You’re in it to win it, as they say on American Idol. I now have more respect for your photography than ever. Submit this stuff! Somewhere! Anywhere! Win prizes! Not kidding!


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