No Time to Pee

Seriously, have you ever needed to pee and three hours later you still haven't had time to go?

That's how my yesterday was, except I think it might have been "holding it" longer than three hours.

Most of the day, I felt like a hamster on one of those Very Fancy Hamster Wheels – running as fast as I could and getting nowhere.

Except, I did go somewhere ….

I went to a neighboring city (about a half hour away) FIVE SEPARATE TIMES in one day.  If I'm doing the math correctly, it's a one hour round trip and that means I spent five hours of my day driving back and forth to nearly the exact same place.

I win!

(And no, it couldn't be helped, for very boring reasons I won't go into.)

I also had the joy of asserting my parental rights/authority on a misguided high school guidance counselor.

A misguided guidance counselor … OXYMORON!

I win again!

That was fun ….

Here's a mini rant:

It should be against the law for summer league high school baseball games (3 per week) to begin two days after the end of the spring season banquet.  In addition, it should be against the law for summer league games to begin before school is out.  (Most of the kids are in school for another couple weeks here in Orange County!)  Lastly, it should be against the law for summer league games to be going on just before and during high school final exams.

Just sayin' …..

Oh, one more thing on a completely different topic,

I got earth shattering news yesterday …

If you google turgid nipples, Twenty Four At Heart will pop up as the top (as in, NUMBER ONE) resource of information.

Go ahead, try it – I'll wait.

I think this news officially qualifies me for The Blogger Hall of Fame (which is a new Hall of Fame I totally made up just this second, but which is an awesome concept).

Why can't I remember where periods and parentheses go today?

(.) ( ). …. (((  )))  ( )  (  )

Everything I type looks funny.

OMG, I have fried brain.

I'll be better tomorrow.


The End.

© Twenty Four At Heart

6 Responses to “No Time to Pee”

  1. Jan

    I got news for you – you’re the top TWO returns on Google for “turgid nipples.”
    This *definitely* qualifies you for a spot in the Blogging HOF.

  2. Kristen

    I know what you mean about holding it because you are too busy. On my wedding day I put my dress on at 12:30pm and realized that I didn’t go again until about 11pm. I was crazy busy and scared to death to try to go to the bathroom with all the stuff on under the dress. I channeled my inner camel that day. 🙂

  3. Di

    I’ll wait here while you go pee. Tried to hold my pee when the urge woke me at 5am so I could stay in bed…. the urge won and I had to get up… damn.

  4. Tami

    Ahh yes, you definitely should get some type of nipple award!


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