I'm going with scattered thoughts today.  (Scattered because my brain is making adjustments to new pain meds and I feel very scatter-brained.)

•  I'm almost halfway through my Invisalign treatment.  At this point, I'm very happy with both the process and the results.

I warned you.  I'm on drugs!


•  I sent a package to Boston (for my daughter's birthday) via UPS "two-day-air."  It was sent over a week ago and it still hasn't arrived.  UPS has the package, but can't seem to get it delivered.  I've never had bad UPS service before.  I'm beyond frustrated at this point.  I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall every time I try to get the damn package delivered.  

•  I ran into a woman I know at the mall a few days ago.  I didn't recognize her.  She had a facelift, but her face FELL.  I've never seen such a strange look.  I can't figure out HOW it happened.  I still can't get her face out of my head either.  


It's haunting me.  

She used to be so pretty.  Wrinkles would look better on her than the FaceFALL she got.  If she hadn't come up to me and started talking, I wouldn't have even realized it was her.

•  When/If you're having a bad day, get on the Damn You Auto Correct! website.  Click on the "Best of DYAC" tab.  You will find it impossible not to laugh.

•  Here's a recent photo I took in a public bathroom.

Why did I take that photo?

I don't even know ….

It gives you a good look at how I take photos with my bum arm though.  Left arm/hand holds the camera/phone up.  Right/damaged arm has a permanent slope down to it.  It works okay from my hand to my elbow so without any movement to the top part of my arm, I manage to click the shutter/press the button.


•  Here's another.  This one I took so I could show you maternity clothes are back in style for non-pregnant women:

Please excuse PR's unmade bed, laundry basket, and general mess behind me.  (He's a teen – need I say more?) 

* Both of these photos were taken with a mirror.  One person commented it LOOKS like I'm holding the camera with my right hand, but everything is reversed.  It is truly my left hand holding the phone.  (Note the thicker ring on that hand?  That's my wedding ring – left hand!)

•  Did you read the recent Time magazine article?

I think Arnold was the pig-of-the-week when it published.

•  Several of you asked if the bike/flip flop photo is for sale.  It's on my website (Beach 2011) both in color and in black and white.

•  Speaking of photos, I've been using the PhotoCard app to send my daughter occasional (snail mail) postcards.  It's fun because the postcard arrives with one of my photos on it making it more meaningful to both of us.  So far, I've just sent her sunflower shots because they're her favorite flower.  She loves getting "real" mail and is planning to frame a few of the sunflower postcards together.   (They're big.  Around 8.5" x 5.5" I think.)

It's a fun, cheap, way to make someone's day.

OK, was that scattered enough for one day?

I think it was ….

© Twenty Four At Heart

10 Responses to “Scattered”

  1. Joanne

    I am sitting here at 3 am (cant sleep) humming Rolling Stone’s “Shattered” while I read this. Close huh? shattered, scattered; only one letter to change

  2. Jan

    I will NEVER be able to un-see that first picture, you know…

  3. Di

    Oh gosh… that pup looks just like my Rowdy. Love a pup with a mushed face!

  4. Wunderwoman

    Uhmm, in BOTH photos you are holding phone/camera in your RIGHT hand and clicking with your LEFT!!

  5. Twenty Four At Heart

    Wunderwoman –
    No, the photos are reversed because they were taken of a mirror.
    It really was my left hand holding the camera and my right clicking!
    : )

  6. Lisa

    I really like the “maternity” outfit! The postcard app sounds cool – I’m going to check it out.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Missy

    By the way you look great. The postcard app does sound like fun. Enjoy the meds.

  8. Jack

    Well if it makes you feel better I am not on drugs and I feel quite scattered.

  9. Jen

    Please put up that sunflower photo on your photo site.. I would love to get one. It’s so gorgeous. If I’m missing where it is (I only saw one sunflower photo) please let me know! Thanks so much!


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