An Announcement …

I'm very pleased, and excited, to make an announcement today.

Twenty Four At Heart is now "officially" a company, not just a haphazard combined blog and photography business.

This news doesn't change anything for you, my readers.

It does, however, help me on several fronts from a business standpoint.

It's just amazing to me, nearly five years post car accident, to see where I am now.

Needless to say,

I wish with all my heart the car accident and my resulting disability/chronic pain could be erased from the equation, but they can't be.

There's no question, I began writing here as a result of the accident.

Twenty Four At Heart, L.L.C. (the actual name of the business) has been an enormous positive born out of many, horrific, negatives.

When I first began blogging, I couldn't have imagined being where I am now just three years later.

Life is many things, but it's so rarely what we expect.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude.

Thank you so much for your support.

And now …

I think I'm going to go celebrate!



© Twenty Four At Heart

32 Responses to “An Announcement …”

  1. LindaSalem

    Congratulations and thank you. I too have chronic pain but mine is NOT in the same category as yours. Your bravery supports me through the worst of mine. When I’m in a ten mode and want to die, I think of all the terrors you’ve put up with for so long and I can put one foot in front of another for one more day.
    Thank you again. Your gorgeous pictures are icing on the cake. As you know, the beauty of a butterfly can calm the senses and bring color to a day otherwise completely grayed out by pain.
    It’s a wonderful feeling to have your own business. I hope you had fun celebrating your accomplishment. You certainly earned it.

  2. Dana

    Congratulations!!!!! I have and will always love your blog, even if I don’t comment very often.

  3. WebSavvyMom

    –>That’s awesome! So what does that mean exactly? Is it for the photography aspect or copyright issues for the writing too?

  4. Jenn in Tenn

    Yaaayyy! Congratulations Suzanne! Big hugs your way!

  5. Anne Gibert

    Sounds great, but what does it do for your blog and your photos? Both are so full of interest and beauty.

  6. Missy

    You deserve all the great things that are coming your way! Congratulations.

  7. Karl

    Congrats on your new business. That means you get to write off things like BlogHer, eh?

  8. Alexis (from Minesota)

    YAY for you!!!! Well done!

  9. Jenny in MN now AZ

    Fantastic news! 🙂 Congrats!

  10. Jess

    So many congrats they can’t even be contained in a measly comment! Can’t wait to maybe smoosh you at BH in two weeks! 🙂

  11. Barb

    Hip Hip Hoorah, So happy for you, I love reading your blog!!!!

  12. Kristen G

    This is awesome! I’m thrilled for you. 🙂 So will you be offering photography services locally, or will you be selling your photos direct? Wondering what all this means, and very excited for you!

  13. Ti

    I’m a regular reader from Malta (tiny island state in Europe). I love your blog and your sense of humour/sarcasm.

  14. Linda

    Go 24! I am happy for you. Have fun on Vacation sweetie- you deserve it!


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