Photography Friday: Camera Bags

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A reader recently asked me what camera bag I prefer.

It sounds like such an easy question to answer, but it's not.

The camera bag I take with me for travel is almost always the Lowepro Fastpack 350.  I bought it a year (or two?) ago thinking a backpack would be easier on my bum arm than a traditional camera case.


It holds a lot which is what I wanted in a travel camera bag. 

I can take it on a plane as carry-on luggage and it fits under the seat easily.  It holds my laptop too, which makes it ideal for traveling on a plane.  (The laptop compartment fits up to a 17" computer and, like the rest of the backpack, is well padded.)  

Having my Lowepro backpack with me allows me to keep my "valuables" right with me on the plane.

I'm not going to lie, whenever I can, I have someone carry it for me because it gets heavy when it's fully loaded with camera gear and a laptop.  (But, remember, I really only have one working arm.)

I also like the side entry.  When I'm wearing it, I can quickly access my camera.

I use this backpack more than any other bag when I'm home too.

I take it to the beach with me on a regular basis, etc.

In fact, I have abused (and used) my Lowepro backpack A LOT and it's still in great condition.

What is the biggest negative to the Lowepro Fastpack 350?  Well, it's BIG.  So yes, the very feature I love about it (lots of room), is also a negative at times. 

I also have a small Tamrac camera backpack.  I sometimes use it around town when I want a smaller sized backpack, but to be honest it doesn't compare to my Lowepro.  (I bought the Tamrac first, realized I needed something bigger, and then discovered/purchased the Lowepro backpack a few months later.)

But okay, if you're a female you might be wondering about all the CUTE camera bags.

There are a lot of companies making very attractive "purses" which are designed to hold/hide a camera and perhaps a lens or two inside.  Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Well, for some occasions – they are.

I have an Epiphanie bag.  I've had it for well over a year now, but I've only used it maybe three times.  It's cute, it's well made … there's absolutely nothing wrong (and a lot RIGHT) about it.

It's certainly more attractive to carry than my Lowepro backpack.


I always seem to need more room.

Most people would probably be fine with its size, but I tend to want more lenses and photography stuff with me than my Epiphanie bag will hold.  

Of course, what works best for you might be completely different than what works best for me.  Regardless, I hope today's post helps you in your journey to find the perfect camera bag for you.

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  1. Jan

    I have a small bag that goes over one shoulder that I can swing around to my front to access the contents that I like a lot (it was my first bag), but it’s small and won’t hold all of my lenses, to say nothing of lens hoods and battery charger, etc. When I travel, I have a VERY large backpack that holds everything with room to spare, and even has a waterproof cover that comes out of a zippered pouch when you need it. But like yours, it gets heavy when fully loaded. I’d love to find something in between that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


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