I’ll Be Thinking of You While I’m Gone

I'm going to be traveling a lot for the next few weeks.

I've pre-written some posts for you, and they've been set up to automatically publish when scheduled.  (In fact, I've got the next two Fridays all set with Photography Fridays covering the topics of camera bags one Friday, and how much I touch up photos in the next.)

I've also sneaked in a couple of my old, but favorite, posts.  I thought my newer readers might not have read some of them.  (You don't mind a good repeat now and then do you?)

I'll also keep in touch when/if I can with a few posts from my travels.

My goal is to have a post up every day for you, but if I miss a day you'll know not to worry.

As always, the weekends will just be photo posts.

First stop?


And yes, I will be taking my camera!


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8 Responses to “I’ll Be Thinking of You While I’m Gone”

  1. Pamela Brookins

    As a new reader, I for one thank you for thinking of us while you travel. I absolute love your posts. You are such an inspiring and uplifting person. And you make me smile. So glad I found you. Safe travels (and less pain)!

  2. Suzanne Y.

    I expect you will have some spectacular scenery and sunsets to photograph while in Hawaii. Have fun and don’t overdo it so your arm aches. (Sorry! Mom mode) Have a wonderful time with your family. And please have a mai tai or three for me while you are there!

  3. Jan

    Oh, I’m SO jealous – the best I can manage this summer is a long weekend in Charleston.
    Seriously, though – do have a good time!


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