Kitchen Candle

I frequently have a candle burning in my kitchen.

During the fall and winter months, the scent is often cinnamon, vanilla or something else that makes me feel warm and homey.

When the weather is hot, I prefer fresh citrus scents.

I picked up this "Citron Basil" candle at Anthropologie a week or two ago.

I love the scent and the vintage-looking "soup can" holder is adorable.

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3 Responses to “Kitchen Candle”

  1. Di

    Lovein’ the soup can style! By George. I think they may have started a new trend for all those crafty girls out there. Save your Campbells Soup cans ladies!

  2. Missy

    I am a kitchen candle girl too! Love the soup can. Have you ever tried the Sensey wickless candles? I have one in my kitchen that is also a night light and I just leave it on all the time and every few days pop in new wax.


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