My Technology “Must Haves” For Travel

I'm sorry my posts have been so photo-intensive lately.

It's summer ….

Summer means it's difficult to find a quiet moment alone to write.

Summer means I'm driving my teen(s) all over Southern California non-stop.

Summer means frequent trips to the beach, house guests, summer league baseball games, and a lot of pool time.

Summer means late nights, and an occasional lazy morning.

Summer, therefore, seems to mean fewer words and more photos in my posts.

I know a lot of you are planning trips this summer.

Maybe you have a weekend jaunt in mind, or perhaps you've planned a big vacation.

I might even see a few of you at BlogHer11 in a few weeks?

Obviously, what you pack for travel depends on where you're going.

I thought today I'd share a few of my favorite technology-related things to travel with.  I'm a blogger and obsessive photographer.  I'm rarely unplugged ….

Maybe my (unsponsored) list will help you with your packing?

My List Of Technology "Must Haves" For Travel:

•  Camera (of course!)  If I can't take a lot with me, I'll pack one decent multi-purpose lens (possibly my 18-200mm or 50mm?) to go with my camera body (a Canon 7D), a lens cleaning kit, possibly a filter or two, spare compact flash drives and always an extra battery.  Don't forget a charger for the camera battery!

(Also, here's a good question … Do you like run-on sentences??  I seem to be full of them lately!)

•  My phone.  I know this is an obvious item, but when I travel I also make sure my iPhone has a Mophie Juice Pack attached.  I'm way too phone dependent.  I don't want my phone battery to run low right when I need it.  By the way, I always seem to need it. (My phone is also my alarm clock, my map, my calendar, my travel guide, etc., etc!)

•  An "everything bag" for the plane/car.  I've mentioned this item before.  This year I'll be carrying the Baggalini Only Bag with me.  It will store all my travel-on items except for my camera.

•  My iPod and my (very small) Sony wireless travel stereo speaker system.  Okay, go ahead and laugh at me, but I love music.  Small, travel, speakers can allow you to listen to music in your hotel room/condo/wherever without ear buds.  They also allow you to share whatever you're listening to.  (And yes, I just might hula with Briefcase, on my lanai, while listening to Hawaiian music this summer!)

•  My Kindle.  It's next to impossible for me to get undisturbed reading time at home.  When I'm on a plane or in a hotel I thrive on quality reading time!

•  My New Trent Power Pack.  Did I mention I hate to be unplugged?  I mean, unless I'm planning to be unplugged.  I'm all about avoiding low batteries!

•  My MacBook.  It might be fine for you to leave your laptop at home, but mine is part of my anatomy.  The sky will fall if I take a lot of photos and can't upload them instantly.

•  Voltage adaptors, if necessary.

•  Chargers for everything, of course.  So easy to forget – but so essential!

**  I also always have business cards with me.  You never know when a casual conversation with a stranger will turn into a potential photography client and/or advertiser/sponsor and/or reader.  **

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8 Responses to “My Technology “Must Haves” For Travel”

  1. Denise

    The Baggalini bag looks very nice. But I’m wondering what camera bag you use on a daily basis? Or for travelling?

  2. Jan

    Alas, I will not be at BlogHer this year – we just couldn’t afford it. 🙁
    As for electronics and traveling, I wouldn’t be caught dead on the road (or in my home, for that matter) without my laptop, my camera or my Kindle. My phone, not so much – if I’m traveling somewhere, I don’t necessarily want to be found. LOL

  3. Kelly

    I sleep with my phone. SERIOUS!
    Love the list I’ll use it as my reminder next week!

  4. Freda

    Love the idea of all the technology and not a mention of any clothing or essentials! That’s my kind of break.


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