One Foot In Front Of The Other

I've been keeping track of how many steps I take every day.

You've probably heard Everyone Who Knows Anything recommends you walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day to stay healthy.

To make things very clear, 9,999 steps is not enough.

Before the car accident, I periodically kept track of how many steps I took each day and I was always, always, over 10,000 steps.


I've discovered I sometimes have to work at getting those extra steps in.

I suppose it's a combination of factors.  

Here are my excuses for becoming lazier than I used to be:

•  My kids are older now, so I'm chasing them less.

•  I'm older now too, and probably feeble minded – making me forget how to walk.

•  Photography, when done right, is quite physical – editing photos is not.

•  Blogging/writing is completely sedentary.  Haven't you heard of Blogger's Butt?

•  Watching endless high school baseball games provides a bonus of Bleacher Butt.

•  Pain flare-ups sometimes sideline me for days/weeks.

•  Someone might bring bon-bons if I don't get off the couch.

(Just kidding, I've never once had a bon bon.  However, if you'd like to bring me some I'm willing to try them!)

My interest was peaked when I heard a friend talking about Fitbit, a high-tech computerized pedometer-and-so-much-more. 

Like everyone else, however, I've been trying to cut down on expenses and I didn't feel like I could justify spending quite so much when I primarily just wanted a good pedometer.

A few months ago, I ended up purchasing an Omron pedometer for only twenty-something dollars.  (Any good/reliable pedometer will do!)

I really do LIKE my pedometer, but I admit to also having a love/hate relationship with it.

I love it when it tells me how active I am.

I  stuff it in a drawer  hate it when it tells me I've spent the day being lazy.

On days when I exceed 10,000 steps I scoff at people who are only in the 9,000 step range.  ("Woo Hoo everybody – I walked 15,000 steps today, what did your lazy ass do?")

On days when I fall below 8,000 steps I  throw it against the wall  vow to do better the next day.

Using a pedometer definitely makes me more aware, and that's the whole point of using one.

For example, I now know it takes me approximately 2,000 steps to walk one mile.  (Obviously, if your legs are shorter or longer than mine this might vary.)

In addition, I thought I was getting a lot more steps into my average day than I was.  I suppose we all tend to over-estimate our activity levels.

I also discovered, to my complete surprise, my busiest days are often my least active ones.

(Driving from place to place in a frantic rush may make you feel like you're running your ass off, but it's a proven fact driving makes your ass get bigger.)

If I find I'm getting fewer steps in than I want on any given day, I'll make a point of trying to add in extra steps wherever I can.  I might park way the hell on the far side of a parking lot and walk to the entrance of my destination, etc.  I've even been seen pacing my backyard as I participate in  exasperated  thoughtful phone discussions with my lawyer.

I'm sure using strike throughs a lot today, aren't I?  

Yes, I am!

(Let's blame the pain meds … let's blame EVERYTHING on the pain meds, okey dokey?)

What was I saying?

Oh yes,

I've been wearing my pedometer pretty faithfully for a couple months now.

I haven't turned into a hard-body, by any means.

In fact, I haven't lost all the weight I gained while on prednisone.

(Did I mention, perhaps a zillion times, I grew to blimp-proportions while taking that evil drug steroid?)

I do, however, feel much more accountable when I'm wearing a pedometer.

That, in itself, is pretty motivating ….

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6 Responses to “One Foot In Front Of The Other”

  1. karen

    I need to get one of those. I need the motivation! The critique when I’m not doing what I should. Or.. maybe.. not.

  2. Jan

    I don’t need a pedometer – I have a husband who will literally DRAG me outside and make me walk. Which, really, is a good thing. Because Blogger Butt? Gets much, much worse when he’s out of town.

  3. WebSavvyMom

    –>I bought the $2 pedometer app for my iPhone called All-In Pedometer after trying the free ones and feeling like they weren’t keeping up. (ha!) I like to walk at lunch and can normally cram in 2.7 miles in 50 minutes (about 2,500 steps) but I run out of time working all day to get up to 10,000.
    I agree with your point though about parking far away (reduces stress too from finding the close parking spot) and taking stairs over the elevator too. Just to get to my office I have to walk down four flights in the garage and then back up two every day. Sometimes I take a non-smoke break if the weather is nice and walk for 15 minutes outside the building.
    (Thanks for answering my Nike question too.)

  4. Di

    Cool pedometer… I’d use it if I could strap this computer to my back too when I head out the door… blogging is so detrimental to our health it isn’t even funny anymore. Cannot tell you how it has stifled my movements.

  5. Linda P

    Wearing a pedometer makes me feel pathetic. My office job is seriously increasing my Secretary Spread.


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