Rainier Cherries

Rainier cherries are, perhaps, one of the most delicious things of summer.

And I'm not (normally) in love with cherries.


I don't know if they're available outside the west coast?

They're both red and yellow swirled together, with crisp yellow flesh when you bite into them.

Rainier cherries are grown in the state of Washington.  

They have a very short season of availability, so I'm quick to buy them when I see them.

Our recent house guests had never experienced Rainier cherries before.  They couldn't get enough of them.  (Seriously, I was buying more on a daily basis!)

Each round cherry is filled with delectable juicy, sweet, goodness.

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7 Responses to “Rainier Cherries”

  1. Jan

    Lovely pic! I’d suggest you submit it to Tastespotting, but it would have to be cropped to 250px X 250px and they’d turn it down due to “composition.” Bastards.

  2. Angel

    nom nom! Love me some rainier cherries! delish

  3. Amy in StL

    I’ve seen both Rainier and Bing cherries in the stores here. They were available pretty early in the season at Whole Foods – from South America – but they’re always more expensive than Bing cherries so I rarely buy them. I just don’t notice a big taste difference over Bing, ya know?

  4. Di

    And they also look great in a bowl for photographing. Hubby enjoys cherries, tart cherries. Can’t say I’m a fan. It’s a taste buds thing don’tcha know… LOL


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