Once the Smoke Clears …

When I got home last night, after a very (very, very!!) long day …

My college aged son, nicely, suggested I was just a wee bit tense.

I think, perhaps, I am.

Things haven't slowed down for a millisecond since the recent fire behind our house.

A few of you asked to see more "fire photos."

I thought I'd oblige you today …

I especially like the photos of the heroic men who came so quickly to fight the fire.

Although, at the time, it seemed like it took eons (not just minutes) for them to arrive.


They worked tirelessly with fire hoses, chainsaws, axes, and a helicopter which dropped load after load of water onto the flames …

(By the way, that's "my" backyard tree in the above photo.)

Once the immediate danger passed, the sinking realization arrived –

The fire was set intentionally …

Risking our lives, and the lives of everyone who came to save us, our neighborhood, our home.

It's incomprehensible to me,

It really is.


My appreciation for firefighters could not be higher.

Can you imagine wearing all that heavy gear, in searing temperatures?

Or hiking and climbing through rugged terrain with it weighing you down?

Have you ever wondered,

Why everything burns, with the exception of one or two bushes here and there?

Why do the flames leap and dance over this, but not that?

Why did one ravine burn, but not the one next to it?

Yes, these really are the things I find myself wondering about.

The danger is gone,

The fire is out,

But I don't think I'm quite "over it" yet.

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5 Responses to “Once the Smoke Clears …”

  1. Di

    It would set me on edge for quite some time if a fire were to occur so close to our home. Kind of make me not want to sleep at night. Glad they arrived soon and did what they do so well. 🙂

  2. Jason

    Yikes. Our last house was right on the edge of town, backing up to hills, valleys, and lots of brush. Flames came right up to our back fence on more than one occasion. Fortunately, I don’t think any of these fires were intentionally set.
    Do they have any idea of who set it? Could it be any angry Money Town housewife? Kidding.

  3. Linda P

    Earthquakes, wildfires, windstorms! I think I’ll just visit, thanks 🙂
    Very, VERY glad you’re ok. I can’t imagine but I would definately think it would take some time to get over. Especially when you see (and smell) the damage every day.

  4. Jen

    Your photos from the fire are fantastic! I hope you have contacted the station chief (or whatever their command structure is there) and offered to share. My husband’s a firefighter and they love having action pictures because it is so rare to get them. Thank you for sharing all you do with all your readers.


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