Photography Friday: The Problem With A Photography Addiction …

I keep telling myself I'm DONE.

I will not buy anything else photography related.

Those of you who share my photography addiction know how impossible that thought is.

The problem with being a True Photography Addict is …

Once I master one area, I feel compelled to challenge myself and learn another.

And by "area," I mean exactly that.

I might feel like I've mastered ocean-scapes (not as easy as they look!), and then feel driven to master street photography, or indoor portraits next.

I might become proficient with one lens, only to feel it's absolutely necessary to learn the intricacies of another.

It doesn't matter how good you are, or what level your photography skills are at, there is always so much more to learn.

I think, perhaps, that is one of photography's appeals for me.

I love a good challenge.

I love learning new things.

I like "real" photos.

I like photos that look like photos (except once in awhile when I don't).

I also know what I don't like in photography.

I don't like HDR photography.  (For those of you who are unfamiliar with HDR, it's a technique that (to me) looks way too FAKE.)

I don't like over-processed photos.

I don't like photos of people with orange skin.  There are a lot of "professional photographers" who have not mastered skin tones yet.

(Unless their subjects really ARE orange?)

I don't like "trendy" photos.

(Enough with the extremely staged outdoor shots, and enough with fading out the colors in every photo.  A little bit once in awhile – is okay, a lot – all the time – is not.  You don't want to look back at your photos and say, "Wow, they are SO two thousand and eleven!)

(In my opinion.)

There was some really bad grammar/punctuation in that last paragraph!  Whew!

I like photos with a touch of artistry when it's subtle enough the viewer doesn't stop to consider the photograph "artsy."  I think the viewer should be noticing the subject of the photo more than the technique the photographer used.

Of course, there are exceptions to what I like.

Sometimes I really admire a funky, artsy, photo.

Isn't that part of the dichotomy charm?

All of these photography-related thoughts were brought forth due to a recent lens purchase I made.

I've just added a Canon 24mm/1.4 lens to my collection.

I'm so eager to spend the weekend shooting with it, I can hardly stand it.

I know some of my readers share my love of photography and will wonder why this particular lens was next on my wish list.

I find myself shooting with my wide angle lens a lot.

A wider angle is appropriate for a lot of the photography I do (beaches, etc.).

I also, ironically enough, love it for getting up close and personal.

I wanted to upgrade the quality of what I'm currently using and this prime lens seemed to fit my needs.  (I love it's low light capabilities too!)

I won't be using it exclusively in the next few weeks, but I will be using it the majority of time for awhile.


Because if it's on my camera and I'm using it constantly, I will learn the intricacies of this particular lens more quickly.  Sticking to one lens for awhile forces me to frame photos differently, think about my objectives with each photo, and stretch myself as a photographer.

I can't wait to share photos with you!

P.S.  For my U.S. readers – please have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend!

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7 Responses to “Photography Friday: The Problem With A Photography Addiction …”

  1. Mrs Catch

    I totally get everything you’re saying. I’m exactly the same. i want to know EVERYTHING!! Ooh you’ve got one of the lens I’m looking at. Jealous MUCH…

  2. Michelle

    “I don’t like photos of people with orange skin. There are a lot of “professional photographers” who have not mastered skin tones yet.”
    I read this and thought, but there is a lot of fake tan around! And then I read this…
    “(Unless their subjects really ARE orange?)”
    😀 ♥

  3. Di

    Enjoy your new lens and just have fun with it… stop being so damn picky.
    Oh gosh.. the orange tan. I think I did that back in the early 90’s…what a tan Ho I was back then.

  4. Jan

    I love my prime lens – it’s what I use most often for my food photography – but it’s a 50mm/1.8. I am VERY interested in seeing what you shoot with the 24mm/1.4.
    Next on my wish list is a for real, honest-to-goodness telephoto lens. The zooms just aren’t cutting it any more. Well, at least for bird/wildlife photography.

  5. sandi

    I am still waiting for you to come over and practice on my kids!

  6. Jason

    What a great thing to be addicted to. Photography has always interested me, but I haven’t ever done anything with that interest, other than what I can do with my phone and my pocket camera. I love your photos. I especially loved having your calendar!!!

  7. dogmother

    I love photography. I just made the mistake of a lifetime. Just finished a 300-mile bicycle trip (the trip of a lifetime). I opted NOT to take my heavier lens to decrease the weight I was hauling. MISTAKE! I should’ve just left all clothes and food behind instead. We ran across awesome things and I am still beating myself up. Owls, black snakes, even a timber rattler in the middle of the trail, and on and on and on. UGH. Never sacrafice photography equipment for silly things like food and clothing.


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