Weird, Weird, Weekend

I woke up in the middle of the night on Friday, with off-the-chart pain shooting through the back side of my shoulder, down my disabled arm, and also affecting the upper right quadrant of my back.  It felt like lightening bolts of jagged glass traveling through my body.

(Possibly an alien has taken up residence in my damaged parts?)

I don't know what caused this sudden onset of pain.

I didn't "do" anything unusual.

It's a new and horrible different type of pain than what I usually have and it hasn't let up since.  It's severe enough to make me feel sick to my stomach.  (And yes, severe pain CAN do that.)  It's also making me gasp/moan/wince out loud from time to time.  This is very unusual for me.  Those of you who know me, know I usually just get extremely quiet when I'm in a lot of pain.

Anyway, I tell you this not in a bid for sympathy but rather, as a preface to this post.  I'm on Dilaudid which is a very strong pain narcotic.  It makes my head spin this way and then that way, and then way over there too.  I don't take it often, so I'm not used to it.

In other words, who knows what I might misspell write today ….

I will try to provide a few snippets from my weekend anyway.

•  I listened to two OC women discussing their designer flip flops at length.  One was pro Vera Wang and the other was pro Tory Burch.  It was a pretty heated discussion and the entire time I was looking at their shoes and thinking, "Really??  They're just flip flops!"  I don't mean to question people's priorities, but …?

•  I brought Mike's Hard Lemonade, in a thermos, to a high school baseball game.  (For my parent friends, not for the players.)  That's probably against some type of school rule, don't you think?  But it was hot and it was an extra long game.  Also, several parents appreciated the fact I brought it.  (And no, I didn't even have any myself because I'm on pain meds.)

•  I spent most of Saturday at the hospital emergency room with my youngest son.  We thought he had possibly broken his hand in his baseball game.  It was really (!!) swollen and sore after it got jammed when he was sliding.

After hours and hours waiting around, we learned it's NOT broken – just sprained.  

While we were at the ER, several high school football players (my son's friends) came in for treatment too.  There seems to be an epidemic of high school athletes getting hurt.

My son left looking like this:


We're glad it's a removable splint so he can shower, etc.  Casts in the summer are so uncomfortable. 

In better news, at least he scored a run when he did it – right? 

•  It's been really hot here ….


•  I'm now on Google +, which is Google's newest social marketing invention (designed to take over the world).  It's in a beta form right now, and you have to be invited to join.  I think Google introduced it by "invitation only" intentionally to make people really, really, want to be invited to join.

It worked! 

No one invited me the first ten days it was in existence and I felt sad.  (Ten whole days – !!)  It reminded me of being left out by The Mean Girls in high school.  Then, all in one day, I got several invitations to join.  

Thank you!  (You know who you are!)  

So far, I like Google + a lot.  (Also known as G+.)  I haven't had as much time as I'd like to become familiar with it yet, but I see a lot of potential already.  It's like facebook and twitter, but better in so many ways.  I'm looking forward to digging deeper, to learn more, over the next few days.  I do have a few invitations to give away, but I'm not quite sure how to do that.  (I'm sure it's not difficult, I just haven't had the time to explore yet.)  If you're a huge techy, and/or addicted to social networking, etc., let me know and if I can get you an invitation I will.  

•  I went for a five mile walk at the beach on Saturday afternoon.  I was in San Clemente again where the trains run right along the beach.


•  I had an "incident" regarding a BlogHer corporate sponsor over the weekend.  The story isn't worth telling here, but it did take up some of my weekend time.  By the way, if you will be at BlogHer11 (in San Diego/beginning of August) please let me know so I can meet you.  There will be 3,000 bloggers there and it will be difficult to find people without a little pre-planning and effort.  

• I made "Beer Can Chicken" for the first time this weekend.  I'll have more about that experience soon, in a separate post.

•  I watched The Holiday while drugged up on pain meds.  I can't say I recommend it, but Jack Black did a good job with his part.  On the other hand, I might laugh every time I see him regardless of what he's doing.

•  Lastly, I wanted to show you this photo.  I don't know why I love it so much, but it's definitely one of my favorite photos lately.


I hope you like it too!

© Twenty Four At Heart 

12 Responses to “Weird, Weird, Weekend”

  1. Bri King

    Wow, an eventful weekend! (not necessarily in ways you wanted it to be eventful!)
    Would love to see that photo in black and white, it is the perfect moody shot!

  2. Michelle

    That last photo – the sky, the sand, the waves, the rocks in the foreground. But especially the little girl! She is what makes it (in my opinion, anyway).

  3. Joanne

    I know why you like it… IT”S YOU! It’s your inner child at your favorite place. I would love to get on your list for goog+
    I am constantly looking for places to network my salon

  4. Di

    I wear cheap Wal-Mart flip flops. I wonder if I could have joined in their conversation??

  5. Jan

    You going to call Dr. Painless about this new and unusually horrid pain? I hope so.
    I’m not sure why, but I’m really digging on your photos of that train running next to the beach lately.
    No one has invited me to Google+. *sniffle*

  6. Linda P

    I love the girl on the beach photo too. Glad PR didn’t break anything. Will this get you out of attending any games? 🙂 Hope you pain flare up lets up real soon. Take care my friend.

  7. karen

    Hope you’re finding some relief, I HATE when something hits broadside like that.
    Love the photo… can relate to it in several ways.
    I like Mike’s hard lemonade and especially Lime too much! Unfortunately, my Acid Reflux holds me back lately. *sigh*

  8. Karl

    Wish I was going to BlogHer this year so we could hang out again. Spending time with you, Neil, and Elisa was one of my highlights a couple years back. And as always, I love your photos. The one of the girl on the beach is especially cool.

  9. Rachael

    G+… as a gmail user since back when you had to be invited, I’m kinda, eh, I’ll let the kids figure it out first then jump in. [Plus, no invite]. :/
    I’ve been wanting to buy some fit-flops, but I just can’t justify spending $50 or more on flipflops, special as they may be. I really don’t want to spend more than $9.99 and even then, they had better be way cute!!

  10. Lunachance

    The photo is amazing because it makes me think of being a child in California. There seems to be the promise of everything that the future can provide, on a sunny, fabulous day. My favorite part is that I cannot see some sort of electrical toy in her hands — drives me nuts when kids have to be entertained 24/7.
    Dilaudid is a miracle drug. Sometimes it is the only thing that can touch the agony (I have had cancer since Oct. of 1998 and have undergone numerous surgeries). As a fellow chronic pain sufferer, it is great to find another drug that can help you with your pain.

  11. Gina

    I worry about you walking that close to trains when you’re on drugs……


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