A BlogHer 2011 Overview

* Warning:  I'm going to show you some pretty crappy quality photos in today's post.  Some are iPhone photos, some were taken while I was a little … inebriated.  Most, were taken very hastily and with little or no thought put towards camera settings! *

I'm back home today, and it sure feels great after the last several weeks of travel.

So much has happened ….

I know some of you are very interested in the BlogHer conference, so I thought I'd share a little about it today.  I'll probably have more specifics for you in upcoming posts.

For people who don't already know, BlogHer11 was the huge (3,600+ people) blogging conference I just returned from in San Diego.  

There were sessions held on every topic imaginable (writing skills, food photography, connecting with brands, video blogging, pitching book ideas to publishers, twitter/social media, humor blogging, etc., etc., etc.)  


In addition, there were parties, lunches, dinners, and "events" taking place.

[Lunch with some of the greatest women on the Internet.  Thank you to JSix Restaurant for providing us with a "free lunch."  I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough.  (They even grow their own vegetables!  Also, everything they served us was absolutely DELICIOUS!)  Thank you also to San Diego Momma and The Little Hen House for organizing such a great event!]

The San Diego Convention Center was filled to the brim with brands marketing their products to bloggers.  


The sponsors had all sorts of creative ideas to get our attention.


Most of them were also giving away samples of their product(s) and/or coupons to use.

Yes, I did come home with a ton of free stuff ….

This year, I spent more time than I have at previous conferences talking to brands about marketing.


From a personal perspective, I enjoyed the conference more than I thought I would.  

For me, however, the most meaningful moments always come from spending time with blogging friends.


* Frederick/Mochadad  *

* Neil/Citizen of the Month *

* Diane/Momo Fali *


* Me, Georgia, from I am Bossy and  Tanis  from Attack of the Redneck Mommy*

I'll have more photos and info on the conference soon!

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12 Responses to “A BlogHer 2011 Overview”

  1. LindaSalem

    Cool picks. Big gulp. I’m determined to get my blog started this month. Everything under the sun has taken up my attention over the last month, but I am absolutely determined to get it going before Labor Day. I really want to go to BlogHer next year. I’m looking forward to the topics as leaning opporuntities and the marketing opportunities. I’ll be 65 so I’m not too into ye olde parties – lol, but I’ll probably manage a couple. Don’t want to appear antisocial, don’t ya know.

  2. kati

    seems super busy. I read about the dannon greek yogurt, is that it? Was it good? Are you going next year to ny?

  3. Deidre

    Bossy is supermodel. Seriously. What fun! One of these days I’ll get myself to a conference.

  4. Jenn @ Juggling Life

    It was great to sit with you at lunch; you just may have the only picture of me at BlogHer–besides the one in Shawn’s phone–any chance I could borrow it?


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