Carlsbad – Funky and Fun

Yesterday found me in Carlsbad, a city about 35 miles north of San Diego.

Garden and/or yard sculpture at the beach.

Because I live in South Orange County, it's about equal distance for me to travel north to Los Angeles or south to San Diego.  I tend to get restless easily.  I like to grab my camera and take off for a day of adventure and/or photography whenever I can.

Right now, like Orange County, Carlsbad is in the height of tourist season.  There were people everywhere.  There was also a craft/art festival going on which attracted even more people.

Downtown Carlsbad, art festival in progress.

I like Carlsbad.

It's a fun, funky, beach town.

Funky is the key word for me.  The funkier a beach town is, the more I like it.

Bike and surfboard rentals at the beach in Carlsbad.

I also know if I have a personal crisis, and blow out a flip flop, there's help nearby for only six dollars.

Flip flops for sale in crates at a beach store.

The funny thing about the flip flop crates, is they were available on an honor system.  No one was outside the store to see if someone took them without paying.

I was walking down the street when I noticed even the cars in Carlsbad are beachy and funky.

Old woodie beach car.

I only had a split second to react, but I was lucky enough to get a shot of this one to share with you.

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8 Responses to “Carlsbad – Funky and Fun”

  1. karen

    Very funky place indeed! I love a town with a vibe of being alive. And it’s nice to know the honor system still exists. We use it on our farm stand and have not had problems.

  2. Di

    Nice! I have a friend who just moved from Carlsbad back to the Phoenix, AZ area….. I think she loved the beach life but a great job awaited her in AZ. Always wondered what Carlsbad was like and now you’ve put a great picture in my head of life there.. Thanks!

  3. Lisa

    Love this! I lived in Carlsbad for a couple of years after I graduated from college and loved it. Pizza port, Jay’s (where we once had the pleasure of sitting next to Farrah Fawcett), the beach, the people. I miss this town!

  4. dani

    Love both the bike and car photos! This makes me want to go to the beach!

  5. LindaSalem

    The black and white pic of the car gave me heart-felt nostalgia. If you put that one up for sale, I may need to buy it. It reminded me of the “woodies” of the sixties and a car my mom and dad had. Love it. Sigh and thanks.


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