Earlier this week, I experienced my first-ever dermaplaning facial.

I didn't know what a dermaplaning facial was, but I had a Groupon for one so I showed up at my appointed time.

In hindsight, it's probably a good thing I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

Another term for "dermaplaning" is blading.

So, um, yeah – a woman took a scalpel to my face,

But in the nicest possible way.

To be a tad more specific, a woman used a #10 sterile surgical blade to exfoliate my skin.

(Wouldn't a cheap drugstore facial scrub be so much easier?)

The blade was gently stroked over my face in a similar fashion as a man might shave.  

There was no cutting, no blood, and no recovery involved.

Dermaplaning removes a few weeks worth of outer dead skin cells by gently scraping them off.

Doesn't that sound sexy?

I have to admit, my skin has never felt smoother or softer than it does post-dermaplaning.  It's like having baby skin again.

Maybe I should become a dermaplaning poster blogger-face?

Is there such a thing?

A dermaplaning facial also removes any "peach fuzz" you might have on your face, although de-fuzzing isn't the primary purpose of dermaplaning.  A lot of women start getting fuzzy once they hit their mid-thirties and beyond.  (Some of us are even lucky enough to have a random pubic hair grow out of our face!)

No kidding, I don't have a single whisker on my face right now.  Sad, isn't it?  How will my friends and family recognize me?

I don't get facials on a regular basis, and I wouldn't have done this one – if not for the Groupon offer. 

Would I do it again?

I would love to!  

Dermaplaning was relatively quick, painless, and it made my skin look great.

I've heard dermaplaning facials aren't overly expensive in other cities.  Of course, in Orange County everything is expensive.  It would cost me $150 to return to the same facility, without the discounted price, and get the same service again.

Have I mentioned I have two kids in college right now?

I won't be getting $150 facials anytime soon.

But, if you can afford to get dermaplaning facials regularly I highly recommend them.

It really did make a remarkable difference in my skin.

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8 Responses to “Dermaplaning”

  1. Jan

    I’m lucky if I can find the time/money/motivation for a pedicure once every two weeks, so a facial is probably out. Although it sounds great, and my poor old face would probably benefit immensely from it.
    Maybe a cheap, drugstore facial scrub wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

  2. Linda P

    I get time/money/motivation pedicure about once a year, so dermaplaning is not going to happen for me. But DO let us know if you get stubble from the de-fuzzing. LOL!

  3. Kati

    That;s pretty expensive but I’d love to try it! Was your skin red after?

  4. Missy

    Just out of curiosity did you have this done in a physician’s office? Legally it’s the only place they can do planing.

  5. Freda

    Sounds a bit dangerous to me. My face goes into a dreadful red, swollen state after an ordinary facial. But if you can manage it, I guess it is great afterwards.

  6. Kristen

    I need this. Turned 30 a few years ago, and I sprouted hair all over my face. And those chin pubes? Yeah, I’ve got them. Where on earth did you have this done? How fast will the hair grow back?


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