I'm in San Diego, with 3,000+ other bloggers, attending a conference.

A lot of people go absolutely berserk buying clothes, and shoes, and technology gadgets for this conference.  Everyone wants to impress everyone else I suppose.  (Seriously, I've had bloggers tell me about the thousands of dollars they've spent on clothes!)

I didn't buy anything for it.


I just couldn't get excited about the conference ahead of time.  

(Maybe because I was preoccupied with having my kids home, vacation time, etc.?)

I'm only wearing one "sorta" new item while I'm in San Diego.  I can't even say I purchased it for the conference, because I didn't.

It's a charm necklace I purchased from Brighton awhile back.

 It begins with a red heart charm, then:  24 at [heart], followed by a camera charm with another little heart attached to the camera.

I've been wearing the necklace a lot since I originally purchased it.  It looks nice, goes with most everything, and is a great conversation starter …

(Yes, I've gained both readers and photography clients from people asking me about my necklace.  I'm basically walking around with advertising around my neck!)

The heart you see after the word "at" is my favorite charm on the necklace.


Well, the rectangle opens up …

And, when it does –

You realize it's a little laptop with "www.com" written on the screen.

How cute is that? 

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12 Responses to “I’m CHARMING”

  1. Di

    Such a cute necklace, Suzanne! I can see why it would be a conversation starter.
    Hope you are having a bit of fun at BlogHer!

  2. Jan

    That is adorable. Now you’ve got me thinking about wearable advertising. 🙂 Would you mind if I copied your idea?

  3. Kristen

    Seriously, that necklace is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Very creative, LOVE it!

  4. WFG Canada

    Nice pendants….this neck accessories are really cool..Thqnks for sharing such a beautiful post.


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